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Cactus Club Kingsway: love/hate relationship.

So I just want to warn you this isn’t going to be real review. Because quite honestly, it’s probably biased. Is that even the proper term? What do you call “I was too drunk so everything just taste beyond awesome” anyooonee?? No. Okay. Biased it is. Yeah, what kind of unpaid lowly WordPress food blogger would I be if I allowed myself to post reviews of a restaurant where I was more than drunk at?

Cactus club, wow you and I are like in those long-term relationship where one person gets bored and cheats then we break up and fall in love again but things will just never be the same because I instilled all my trust in you so we break up again and I think of the best revenge ever. Sell all your clothes on Ebay. Then we file a lawsuit against each other just to realize that hate means love so I guess we love each other till death do us part.

I use to work at Cactus Club. The pain started as soon as I was assigned a “homework” to memorize EVERYTHING on the menu and why it was good/why customers should order it/ingredients presented in the meal/where it’s made/why the fuck anyone should care. Yes.. this was my homework until I “PASSED WITH FLYING COLORS” Aww, what is that I hear? You feel bad for me? Yeah I feel bad for me also.

Oh but then the good part. I was force to eat everything on the menu. Tried every single item. It’s like food heaven. I especially love the wine tasting part.. my fave. Oh and I also for the entire span of my employment, I had Cactus Club every. single. day. till the day I quit. So after I quit which was over 1 year now? I been to Cactus ONCE. Last night was my second time. So sick and tired of Rob Feenie.

  • Rob Hunters Chicken: This is serious. You know my best friend, Rob Feenie? Well shit, he made this chicken and it was so good the man had to name it after himself. Why is it in a take out box you may ask? Because I wanted to eat this in my hello kitty PJ, in bed.
  • Chicken Pesto Quesadilla: I remember at my location, this was erase from the menu. Don’t know if it’s because I got too sad that is why they put it back? But I love this chicken pesto quesadilla with dried cranberry. See dammnit, I memorize everything without even having to google their menu. Oh, but they forgot my crispy yam fries. That upsets me. However, I completely passed out after this meal, I guess I was not that upset.

    You know what? I clicked “like it” on Urbanspoon just because.. I think I really do miss Cactus Club.

    Cactus Club Cafe (Kingsway) on Urbanspoon

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    1. What do you call “I was too drunk so everything just taste beyond awesome” anyooonee??

      Don’t know that feeling because you can’t get me drunk… :P

      I think I really do miss Cactus Club.

      I don’t care about Cactus Club. I won’t deny it has its highs but, for somebody who is more adventurous when it comes to food, not to mention cheap at times, Cactus Club is nowhere near the top of dining destinations. The only times I would end up there is because of (a) convenience and (b) because it is “safe” for most people. Of course, that brings that eternal question: since you were hired, for the female staff on the floor, do you believe looks is a deciding factor in the hiring process?

      • Panda

        I hate to say it because I never ever think I’m “hot” or anything. I usually don’t even believe ppl when they comment on my looks but yeah it def is. I probably shouldn’t be saying this but when girls come in to drop off their resume the managers usually will interview you on the spot if you’re good looking. The hiring process is strict as well. You have to bypass all the managers there. when I got hired I was told to “dress like I’m going clubbing” soooo yah… All the girls there are beeeeeeeyond beautiful and at the same time they’re really fun and great people to work with. Being able to stand out is important I think. Don’t get me wrong though, cactus is one of the best employers out there, fastest promotion if youre doing what you’re suppose to be, all the managers treat you like family, really goooood money for servers/bartenders. Especially while you’re in school like moi.

        I miss cactus because of the people I worked with but most importantly 50% of food LOL

      • Panda

        If you’ve been following my entries you would know I HATE chain restaurants. I even have a slight lil hatred for global group despite they have diff restaurants. Blahhhh nothing like the good ol family owned or just one of a kind restaurant . I only go to cactus pretty much in a large group to drink haha

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