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Sushi Tengoku: Fat Panda approved.

Sushi Tengoku: (A) 10194 152 ST (N) 604-584-9787

When I am doing my diet bullshit, aka when I want to eat a lot without feeling guilty about eating a lot, I tend to lean more towards Jap food. Raw food is awesome for your diet. Salad with low fat dressing? Fuck off. Hardboiled eggs? No way in hell. Actually, I do love hardboiled eggs with soya sauce and pepper. A beautiful raw fat spicy salmon sashimi with ginger? Ahhh, marry me. Yesterday after work my stomach would not let me do anything at all, till the little shit was fed. Literally. I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping, that didn’t happen. So me and monkey boy (HEHE CAN YOU GUESS WHO THAT IS?!?!) decided on Tengoku. Actually, he did. I sat in the car and complained about being so hungry until the food arrived at our table.

  • Spicy Sashimi ($10): I have no words to explain how much I LOVE SPICY SASHIMI! Love xinfinity and beyond. This dish was alright. I like their spicy sauce, but I could tell the salmon was still kind of frozen. Not the best I had, but still pretty worthy that I would order it again.
  • Miso Soup ($1): This was okay. I usually do judge restaurants based on how well they present the MISO SOUP, because well, it is a pretty easy given dish to make for Japanese I suppose? No??!
  • Ton Katsu/Deep-fried Breaded Pork ($10):This was probably one of the tastiest Ton Katsu (deep-fried breaded pork) that I ever had, could be the mayo they use for the “special sauce” but it was damn tasty!
  • Hamachi Kama Shioyaki ($10): Remember my rambling about the Hamachi Kama at Akasaka to be the best thing ever?! Well, this was pretty close. Besides the fishy-taste is stronger than Akasaka, but a lot of meat on this cheek! It got my approval. Especially the sauce! So delicious!!
  • 3-6 PM is 20% off
  • The interior is pretty upscale for a sushi restaurant in surrey. It used to be Anducci, for a seriously long time.
  • One of the better sushi restaurants in Surrey
  • Sushi Tengoku on Urbanspoon

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