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Fraiche: My favourite restaurant

Fraiche: (A)2240 Chippendale Rd (N) 604-925-7595


On Sunday, Monkey boy took me to Fraiche for our 2nd Dine Out. Fraiche have been on my ‘to try list’ for too long now. The whole experience was amazing. And I will acknowledged the ride to Fraiche to be an extreme highlight of the night as well. They’re plotted waaay up top of West Van, neighbouring the huge insane mansions of the richest. Just driving up there is pretty depressing. But oh man. The view. I love Fraiche view, I mean I’m in love. Lust perhaps? No. I love it. We were lucky enough to be seated right on the edge of the window, probably the best seat in the house. Panoramic views of Vancouver and the ocean. Okay. I’m just blown away by how beautiful the tiny restaurant is. I can’t get over it!!

  • Complimentary Bread: Amazing. Yes it was.
  • Bison Carpaccio ($15): Served with horseradish cream, soft quail egg, smoked salt. This dish was beyond any carparccio I ever had. The best. I can’t even come to terms of how to describe it! And also, how great is egg yolk!!?! I love it! I don’t know what it is, but something about the egg yolk just brings everything together so perfectly. I’d try it on top of ice cream if it were socially acceptable.
  • Braised Octopus ($15): Served with fingerling potatoes, caramelized fennel. The softest piece of octopus I had ever laid my tongue on! And my tongue.. it’s been on a lot of octopus. Every bite of this octopus was pure soft. Like biting into marshmallow kind of soft. Not a muscle moved, except maybe my eyeballs. From starring at it since I was too sad it would be all gone in less then 3 mins.
  • Ash-Crusted Ostrich ($35): Served with root vegetable tarte tatin, chocolate jus. I know what you’re thinking. Because I thought it too. But let me tell you something. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I would say Monkey boy doesn’t even stand a chance against this ostrich. So amazing.
  • Wild Mushroom Risotto: With truffle pecorino. Remember my mushroom risotto the other day? Yeah. I die. I have NO idea how anyone can make risotto this good. It’s nothing like I ever imagine what rice could taste like. The dish was beautifully presented with all the different types of mushroom, it was rich and flavourful and have I said amazing yet?
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding ($9.50): Whiskey parfait, red plum jelly, jack daniels caramel sauce. I was pretty excited about the jack daniel’s in this dessert. As you probably already know.
  • Featured Creme Brulee & Cookie ($9.50): I like the cookie.
  • The best panaromic view of Vancouver. Do yourself a favour and ask if you can reserve a window seat.
  • It was such a wonderful dining experience that literally, when we got into the car, I asked Monkey boy when we can come back again.
  • Of course the service is top notch. One of the best actually.
  • A bit far of a drive and in the middle of nowhere (considering you’re not a millionaire) but well worth it!
  • Come here to watch the sunset! I didn’t. But that just gives me a good excuse to dine here again! :)
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    4. Elaine

      Mmmm Fraiche. I love Fraiche, but I haven’t been back for almost 4 years now! I remember eating the BEST Caesar salad of my life there. It wasn’t your typical Caesar Salad, and something about it was just sooooo good.

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