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Craving Thai: Extremely good lunch deal.

Craving Thai: (A) 15976 108 Ave (N) 604 581 8809

The other day Monkey boy’s mom woke me up at 1:30 PM asking if I wanted to get coffee with her. Yes, I was still half asleep. At 1:30. Clearly there is nothing wrong with me. Anyway, we went for Starbucks and just right around the corner was this Craving Thai place. For $7.99 the lunch special comes with 1 spring roll, a side of soup and one bowl of rice and your choice of ‘main’.

  • Pad Thai: The pad thai that came with the lunch deal portion was HUGE. I initially thought it would be a single serving, but split between the both of us, we didn’t even finish it. Keep in mind though, we did order 2 lunch specials.
  • Thai Chilli Stir Fried: The dish wasn’t that spicy.. I figured. The vegetables were very fresh, chicken presented were large and not the teeny tiny polka dots.
  • Soup & Rice & Spring Roll: These items are also included in the specials. Nothing special but keep in mind some restaurants would charge you extra.
  • Shrimp Cakes ($7): We ordered this on the side as an appetizers. I really enjoyed this dish and the house made plum sauce.

  • Very very friendly service! Both our waiters and what I believe to be the owners were very efficient and considerate. She accommodated to monkey boy’s mommy needs since it was her veggie day so they made everything vegan.
  • Lunch special is very reasonable. I wouldn’t come here for their regular menu just because I don’ think the price is worth the quality and authenticity. However, the lunch menu is a damn good value. We had enough left overs to bring home for monkey boy and iron chef boy! And it was enough leftovers for them to not know they were leftovers! *Insert EVIL LAUGH here*
  • They offer free delivery if you’re in the area.
  • Craving Thai on Urbanspoon

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