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Beaver Tails: BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! aka, elephant ears.

Beaver Tails (A) Whistler Village (N) 604-932-2206

When monkey boy’s cousin found out I have never been to Whistler he made sure I got the whole “WHISTLER EXPERIENCE” thing. Of course what is Whistler without some beaver tails!! This is located right in the middle of the village near the gondola entrance. You won’t miss the smell! They seem to be everywhere.

  • Maple Leaf Beaver Tails ($7): Didn’t try this but looks amazing!!!!!
  • Nutella Beaver Tails ($7): JUST THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I never had beaver tails before. Seriously missing out on life here. It’s pretty much elephant ears with amazing toppings!!!!!! You can pick savoury or sweet. I’d have both but too bad I was literally dying over brunch at Araxi and poutine at Zog. I’m not as tough as I like to think.

  • I heard this location (conjoined with zog dogs) are pre-made and the one on top of the mountain right beside the download station are made right to order. Honestly, I thought these were beyond amazing so I can’t expect what the “fresh” one taste like! Just a heads up.
  • I searched urbanspoon and found out (yay panda good job) that you don’t have to travel 2 hours to get some! There’s 2 franchise in North Van (Lonsdale Quay & Grouse Mountain) and it’s waaaay cheaper!!! $4. Damm you Whistler.
  • I’m in the process of creating a Whistler Urbanspoon location because there haven’t seem to be one, anyways I included the north van one for your reference.
  • Must try after snowboarding!!!
  • Beaver Tails (Lonsdale Quay) on UrbanspoonBeaver Tails (Grouse Mountain) on UrbanspoonBeaver Tails on Urbanspoon

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