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Jimmy’s Place: Best burger in the West aka Coquitlam

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant: (A) 435 N Rd (N) 604-936-0779

Wondering why I’m in this area so much lately? Piiiinkkky promise I’ll tell soon! :)

  • Jimmy’s Special Burger w/ Fries ($8.95): with bacon & cheese. Without fries it’s 6.95. I heard all good things about the burger. And it lived up to every single word. The juiciest burger ever! You can tell right away it’s handmade, just perfection. This is just a few dollars more than Mc donald’s across the street so seriously guys, get the homemade burger. All juiciness.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich ($4.95): The sandwich was mediocre, not that great but not that bad. I dunno why I ordered this anyhow, I knew I wanted a burger… I just felt sick this morning, it was horrible and didn’t want to irritate my body but yeah, get the burger. Forget about the sandwiches.
  • EXTREMELY hard to find. We drove in circles for 15 mins. My gps said we “arrived”, but we just couldn’t track down the place. Dear God, I thought my GPS was hallucinating! It was literally like finding a hay in a needle sack. Uhh what? I mean a needle in a haystack. I am obviously having the “Friday blues”. Anyhow, it’s hidden in the corner of the Petcetra complex and the word RESTAURANT is 100x bigger than the word “JIMMYS PLACE”. You freaking Koreans.
  • Oh and Korean owned. I love them, they really make Coquitlam delicious.
  • There’s also a great selection of breakfast! I need to come here for breakfast. They close at 5 pm, so come for breakfast & lunch.
  • The restaurant looks like your typical diner, just a bit cleaner than others.
  • Jimmy's Place Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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