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Akasaka: Re-visit & prices went uppppp

Akasaka: (A) 15110 101 Avenue (N) 6045888656
I don’t normally like blogging about “re-visit” unless I’m introducing a new lub a dub dub item. Which in this case is notttt really the subject. Last time I blogged about em, it was October. But I’m always stopping by here every now & then, hate repeating myself to you guys. Just want to share how the other evening, Monkey boy and I came here and was sitting there for a while staring at the menu tryna figure out what was different. I had to go search back to one of my old post about Akasaka to find out. (Finally put my blogging to good use). AHHH ha! Prices went up. I joked around and said ‘well go figure, they must’ve read my blog’

  • Tuna Tataki: Can’t find the new prices on their website, forgot if the prices for this went up or not, but the dish is definitely different! I like this tuna tataki a lot better than their old one to be quite honest. So thumbs up miss Akasaka
  • Oyster Motoyaki ($6.50): I actually remember pretty vividly about this… well you see, I sat there and just kind of thought whyyyy oh why did the oysters motoyaki prices go up? It’s not like the oysters got any bigger.. or maybe it did. If it did, it looked like it gained perhaps 0.0000003 lbs. Why can’t I gain weight like that? Okay I’m sorry, I love this oyster motoyaki and it’s still my favourite by far.
  • Chicken Skin ($3.50): I love this dish. Only because it makes eating chicken skin and only consuming chicken skin kind of normal and humanly acceptable (at this table). If I was to say hmm walk into a market and just requested chicken skin on a stick everyone would take a step away from me, stare me down and then I’m guessing call security. It’s just not normal. But here, it makes perfect sense and I love it. It’s a bit salty, but it’s chicken skin. You can dump it in salt, sugar, MSG, whatever the eff and it will still be tasty because it’s chicken skin.
  • Chicken Udon ($7.95): I always order udon because well, it’s good. And it’s refreshing.
  • Prices went up, but not so ridiculous, still paying $6.50 for an oyster motoyaki is still a bit high ends for the area, especially Surrey.
  • We came too late and the Hamachi Kama is gone… oh ya, they skyrocket the hamachi kama prices as well. Use to be $12 now it’s $15. HMMM.. I wonder if they did read my blog.
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