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Dolci Deli: Well known eats in Osoyoos

Dolci Deli: (A) 8710 Main ST (N) 250-495-6807
We heard from the locals that this is the best deli in town. They serve gourmet sandwiches and soup. We also ask for a lot of opinions on restaurant eats but to be honest, not quite keen on the idea that was recommended. One restaurant we passed by serves “Dim sum and sushi” ummmm… ya *walks away*. This is our best bet, a cute lil cozy sandwich shop located in the main district.

  • BBQ Chicken ($6): Roasted red peppers, artichokes, arugula and doli mayo. The sandwich was really good, on the perfect bun. I liked how the ingredients really matches the atmosphere. It does look like your decent sandwich on a summery day. BBQ chicken wasn’t bold but still not bad for $6 bucks.
  • B.A.T ($6.50):Dolci bacon, arugula, tomatoes and dolci mayo. Not that great of a pannini. Flavours were nowhere to be found, bread was kind of off.. wish we got the pulled pork instead!

  • Service was kind of down… seems like Osoyoos people don’t really like outsiders or they’re just not very kind!! Customer service speaking a lot of rudeness in the air with these peeps, but otherwise people are friendly by nature. Almost forgot this isn’t Vancouver and people walking down the streets will smile and say Hi to you (without asking for change).
  • Β Shop is really well known in the area, especially for their sandwich. All the locals recommended us this place.
  • Cute lil outdoor patio that feels so garden-ish and Alice in Wonderland-ish
  • Gluten free food available! Caught my attention for sure.

Dolci Deli & Catering on Urbanspoon

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