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Song Huong: Beef 3 ways. Not 7.

Song Huong: (A) 14667 108 Ave (N) 604-581-4710
We were all making fun of my dad how he only eats at Boston Pizza or Song Huong. Seriously he doesn’t eat anywhere else. It’s kind of cute. So for mothers day dinner, we went to Song Huong for some beef 3 ways. I refuse to call it beef 7 ways anymore. I never see 7. I’ll be lucky if there’s even 4. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing family, werido sisters and monkey boy + hammy to be there<3

  • Beef 3 ways basically comes w/ 3 meat platters. The first plate is raw beef slices. It’s sort of like hotpot where you cook them yourself in a tiny pot. Then roll it yourself with rice noodles and vermicelli. I’m kind of lazy for this sometimes but once in a while, it’s okay.. then add the veggies you like. Me ham and mb LOVE our veggies so much, I annoyed the server 3ish times asking her to refill our veggie plate. Then dip it in their AMAZING sauce. I love that sauce so much I want to tell you what it’s called but then it will only sound like I’m speaking jibberish so just tell them it’s the sauce that makes your breath stinky, they’ll understand. Then you eat it and make a funny omgggggthisisdelicous face. That’s all.
  • The other plate is like a beef sausage, one is wrapped in seaweed and the other isn’t. These sausages are SOOO juicy and meaty, very flavourful. I can eat it plain, with noodles, with rice, with anything. We ordered 2 large and had to come back again for a half order.
  • There’s a second location in Van that I’ve heard actually serves the 7 way beef.
  • Great for trying out new Vietnamese dish as it annoys me how people only think of Pho when they think Viet. BUT THERE’S SO MUCH MORE. Not including monkey brains and dog meat. Seriously no dog meat. I’ll kill you.
  • Ghetto part of Surrey.. don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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    1. iamonlyhereforthefood

      Song Huong in Vancouver indeed have Bo 7 Mon as well as one in Hastings which currently name escape me. However, a lot of times they are missing one dish for one reason or another and, the times I have been there, I joke we should call it Bo X Mon! (X being a variable!).

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