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Boston Pizza: New menu.

I suppose I can share some crappy photos of my sister’s birthday held at the only place my dad takes us to for ANY occasion. Only because it’s convenient — 5 minutes from his work and also 5 minutes away from home. At the rate of which he is aging, I’ll kindly accept he doesn’t like to venture out to try different food. It’s fine with us….. really….. it is….. hence the dots…. it means… I AM BEING SARCASTIC. Well anyway, monkey boy and I always get a giggle out of this.

At least this time around there was a new menu to try. It’s ideal to trying a new restaurant… or not.

Actually, only that burger is new. Well, actually that is a sandwich. The Whiskey BBQ pulled pork sandwich. It was alright.. not the best item at bp. The pretzel bun isn’t as soft as I like it to be.

Some of the new items includes; pulled pork nachos, pulled pork sliders, spring rolls, teriyaki bowl, Pesto chicken penne, and they also introduced some brand new desserts such as smores pie.

Need. To. Try. Smores. Pie.

Boston Pizza (Guildford) on Urbanspoon

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