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Uli’s Resataurant: Must try brunch on White Rock strip!

Uli’s: (A) 15021 Marine Drive (N) 604-538-9373
You know what it means when you see me blog post after posts. It could be I really do miss sharing my food with you pigs or I have nothing better to do. I’m leaning more on the second one. Does that make me a jerk? I’m sorry. I been working consistently everyday for the past month and now that I have days off I really don’t know what to do with them. It throws me off. Anyhow enough with me, and more about the title of this post. For Father’s day brunch we headed out to White Rock with the cousins and all that. Thinking back on that day… holy potatoes I can’t believe I could even move the next morning. Considering me and one of the bf’s cousin C went to the gym right in the morning. She told me to call her at 9 am and of course, at 9 AM sharp I called her. She picked up the phone and laughed before I even said hello. But for that, I allowed myself to go all out for the day.. and you’ll see what I mean by that.

  • Sourdough Bread: We were hungry enough and they were nice enough to refill our tables about uhhhh iunno around 5 TIMES hahaa.
  • Oysters Rockefeller ($3 bucks each): Creamed spinach, grana padano, hollandaise. Pretty standard for me, but everyone else loved it.
  • Uli Burger ($14): Served with a hallah bun, burnt onion relish, smoked cheddar. The skinny fries are my favourite. I didn’t get to try the burger, however the looks are there.
  • Schnitzel ($14): Lunch portion, I believe the dinner portion cost a bit more. I can’t recall if it was bad or good.. it sure looks appetizing though and hey we all eat with our eyes right? Or at least I do. But it is a lot bigger than it looks on picture.
  • Mascarpone French toast ($12): This was my dish. And it was sooo good. I’ve said it before here that I love love love french toast but besides Ihop, nothing really fulfill my cravings. And I know you’re thinking IHOP? Yes, strawberry french toast from there is My french toast here was made with a fieldstone bread, orange mascarpone and drizzled maple syrup. My only complaint is it’s not filling at all. Like a small snack I eat before I go to bed. Not something to ramp up my morning.
  • Crab Cakes Benny ($14): I clearly remember these were the crab cakes benny but website says shrimp? Until I get the facts straight.. I rather not comment on this hahaa I might be a bit buzz from my glass of wine right now (it’s 5oclock somewhere) but still pretty positive this was the crab cakes benny!! Really good quality food though.
  • I don’t know what the last dish is.. website is really outdated and my memory sucks. I will get back on this after I contact the management about their website being old as this restaurant. But it looks like two eggs slapped on some corned beef? haha NO idea.

  • This restaurant is enriched with history of White Rock. Being the first beach front restaurant in 1980s.
  • Family owned restaurant passed on to his son now. I love those kind of restaurants. You feel it in the food that it’s made with love. That’s cheesy panda for you, but chain restaurants and their huge big ego and corporate weirdos are all about money.
  • German twist to their menu. Pretty coool.
  • Organic, gluten free foods available on the menu.
  • Uli's Restaurant on Urbanspoon


    1. So fat panda. I remember you, fun group taking photos of my food:) thanks for the heads up on the website menu items. I will fix very very soon. The second to last photo is indeed crab cake Benny. And the last dish was our corned beef hash. I frikin love that dish!

      See you soon. Come by to try our new fall winter menu you can see on web site if I ever get it up-dated. Jk will be done tonight:)

      • I knew it was a crab cake benny! Haha, I’m positive the wine haven’t made me crazy just yet. Were you working when we came by? It was a really nice brunch. I’m waaaay too behind on my post because this was in June! I’d love to come again for the winter menu! I looove love White Rock in the winter! See you soon!

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