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Uncle Fatih’s Pizza: Pre-dinner food!

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza: (A) 638 Abbott Street (N) 604-566-9696

Not knowing what to eat before our Russell Peter’s night.. a) don’t want to be late for the show by eating at a restaurant b) don’t want to eat arena’s food c) don’t want to be hungry .. that leaves us with one option — TRY THE NEW UNCLE FATIH PIZZA around the corner. This is an extremely good location and they’re very very smart for picking this exact spot. So many drunk aka hungry idiots like myself needs this kind of food and what’s better than right after a concert or hockey game.. genius!

I have no idea when this location opened but it’s a huge step up from the one on Broadway. Looks way cleaner, a lot more presentable, all that and not sacrifcaing the taste. I LOVE IT with capitals!! Good job Uncle Fatih! You still remain my favourite cheap eats under $2 bucks. Read more on my old post here

Uncle Fatih's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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