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Sushi California: This might be my new favourite cheap sushi joint.

Sushi California: (A) 501 North Rd (N) 604-931-8284
It was a good thing this place didn’t have a long wait even though it was packed. I had a very important event to attend and needed food in my system FAST. Can you guess what? What happened on July 20?? Omg. You don’t know. We can’t be friends. (Hint: He drives sick cars. And he saves the world)

  • Alaska Roll ($3.95): For some reason I thought sushi california was linked with sushi garden… I don’t know why… I just made that assumption when I saw tiny Japanese waitresses, the prices, the menu, and the alaska roll. I’m guessing it’s not right? Well, I love sushi garden alaska roll. It’s my favourite roll yet. These were actually very up to par with the sushi garden. I was pretty pleased.
  • Spicy Chopped Scallop Cone ($3.50): Pretty average, lots of filling, especially with scallop.
  • Fried Oysters ($3.95): My favourite!!! These are such a steal!! I know even if the oysters are tiny, elsewhere it would still cost more on the pricing scale. But it’s $4 bucks here. I so love these!! I can’t wait to go back here and order this dish for myself. And then obnoxiously eat them all in one sitting. Yes, I can’t wait.
  • Grilled Beef Tataki ($8.95): This dish was very simple, as you can see. It’s so simple but it’s so goood! Refreshing on a nice summer night. Even if it was raining that night, I would probably still say “refreshing on a rainy night”. Not something that is super filling like the rest of the menu, but the price is SO decent for tataki.
  • Spicy Yaki Udon ($7.95): Very good yaki udon here! All the ingredients are super fresh. Sometimes when the prices are so low, it cuts back on quality right?? That’s my major concern about sushi restaurants. If there is any food that should be forbidden to eat un-fresh it’s SUSHI. Ew, can you imagine eating old sashimi??! That’s just gross. Or when you can taste the frozen ice from the fish…. *puke*. I love good quality food at a great price.

  • Very limited parking space!! Usually a super long line up.. especially weekends!
  • Service is really mediocre. The girl whom took my order didn’t even know if they make half order for sashimi. I assume if you are new, these kind of things are the first thing you learn?! No?!!?! Either than lack of knowledge, service is super duper uper fast. Which is greatly appreciated because I was running low on time.
  • Really cheap prices, as mentioned from EVERYONE. It does beats Sushi Garden in a way because it offers more variety, but they’re pretty similar in my opinion.
  • This isn’t top A+ graded sushi. This is no Tojo quality, but duh. Look at what you’re paying. For this price-tag, it’s a steal. Big portions, without damaging the quality.
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