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Cows: Still the best ice cream ever.

Cows: (A) 102-4295 Blackcomb Way (N) 604-938-9822

Still gives me the tingle like the very first time. I wonder why relationships can’t be the same way? I’m jk, my relationship is the bomb. Drool HERE.
I swear I can eat this over and over and over and over x1000 again. Anything to make my thunder thighs larger and begin stretching the seam of my pants. Oh wait… =(
I couldn’t help myself. Dead. I love this so freaking much. Especially since I read the entire 3 books in one week.
And this. Two of my favourite thing at the moment. ALDKDSKJLAJKSDADS that reminds me tonight is SOA and if nobody kills Clay this episode, I will.

Yes, exactly this. I had to save my stomach for Cow’s ice cream. Not that being “full” can stop me from eating this anyhow. But I needed to enjoy this. I can’t enjoy anything when I am dying-stuffed. I proved myself that on Thanksgiving this year when I tried to eat 3 plates of food. Uh yeah, no fun.

This makes me want to venture out to Whistler right now. I want to go boarding!!!!!!! Then cool off with some poutine. And immerse myself in the hot tub. While eating Cow’s ice cream. November come sooner!!!


COWS Whistler on Urbanspoon

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