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Fray: The amazeballs brunch

Fray: (A) 3980 Fraser St (N) 604-558-3729
This place is so cute!!!!! I don’t know if cute is the right word to use for this restaurant but it’s so darn!! The old school gaming system, the “hipster” bingo, the booths. It’s so old school, classic and I love it! I know you’re wondering what’s up with my boyfriend and the coloring, I’m not too sure either.

  • Morning Glory ($11.95). Two poached eggs, blue cheese, bacon, toamtoes with house made guacamole on english muffins. I’d totally would sex all those words right up. I’ve never heard my boyfriend repeatedly telling me how good the dish he is eating is like the day we were at Fray. Till this day, I mean he is still going gagagagag over it. I’m sure he talks about it more than he talks about me. Coming from him saying “it’s the best bennedict I ever had” is A LOT. Trust me. Even the potatoes are the best!
  • Portobello Fries ($8.95): The death of french fry FOR SURE. A jenga tower of breaded portobello strips, lightly fried, served with truffle aioli. Okay, these are a serious french fries and yam fries killer. If you put those two against portobello fries in a battlefield, they couldn’t last 2 seconds. I’m dead serious.
  • Yogourt Granola ($6.50): Not going to deny the fact that I only got these because the picture on the menu had a wicked cartoon with the words “it’s amazeballs”. How do you even ignore that?! Totally can’t. Now you know how to sell me. Yes the yogurt was amazeballs.

  • They allow you to BYOW for $5 corkage fee. That’s probably the lowest price in Vancouver.
  • Brunch menu are available on weekends
  • I want to try the hangover cure benny. omg.
  • They have boardgames, games system and a bunch of events, just check out their twitter.

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