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Splitz Grill: Rejuvenate yourself the right way.

Splitz Grill: (A) 4369 Main St (N) 604-938-9300

There aren’t many things I love more in the world than burgers. Well maybe bacon. And cheese alone. Oh I do love butter. Ah, fudge don’t make me choose. I can’t choose a favourite food, it’s sinful.

Burgers are absolutely one of my favourite. It has many of my favourite things stacked on top of each other. Which makes it really really awesome. After river rafting, I was HUNAGRY. You don’t even want to know how “angry” I get when I’m hungry. My face should be next to hunagry in the dictionary. Even through all that shoving and pushing and ducking down, I can hear my stomach rumbling. So we walked around the village and couldn’t decide what to eat. I know there’s a Splitz burger in Vancouver and I really didn’t want to try Splitz in Whistler because, well I can eat that back at home. But I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted a juicy melt in your mouth burger.

And Splitz was definitely the RIGHT place to look. At that time, during my foodgasmn, I might have even cried out loud ‘burgers are my favourite!!!!!!’. It was in the moment kind of thing, of course, I can’t pick a favourite food when I am sober. My sober is defined as “the state of which I am not affected by hunger”.

  • Legendary Splitz Burger ($9.75): Without a combo the burger alone is $6.75. The combo includes soft drink and fries. You may choose any toppings you like, they have their famous splitz sauce (a mild garlic mayo) veggie toppings such as afalala sprouts. I enjoyed it very much. So much I almost ordered a second one. Almost. I was pretty close to, but I knew I wanted to save room in my tummy for something else that is VERY delicious and only Whistler offers it. So I sucked it up and said no.
  • Italian Sausage Burger ($9.95): Spicy chorizo patty alberta raised pork burger. My boyfriend ordered this and I was all in his face like “whyyyyy would you NOT get a Splitz burger, it’s LEGENDARY”. Considering as soon as I took a bite of his burger, somehow one bite became two and two bite became the entire thing. I would certainly say, I very much enjoyed this burger too. The burger alone is $6.95, a very reasonable price.
  • Fries: I don’t think their fries are my absolute favourite. I had better.

  • Cheese, bacon, musrooms, onions are extra cost. Ranging from $1.25 – $1.50 each. It gets pricy when you want everything in your buger, like my boyfriend always does.
  • All burgers are available in wrap. They also serve kiddy sizes for the younging.
  • Splitz burger started out in Whistler and then franchised to Vancouver. I had no clue. I always thought it originated in Vancouver. I’m happy now that I chose to eat here instead of the Van location.

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