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The Living Room: Amazing food and scenery!

The Living Room: (A) Executive Inn Hotel (N) 604-15-0999
Beautiful View! And I don’t mean the human. I mean the nature! So beautiful! (jk)I had to snap a quick picture of my neon pink nails. I did it just for my weekend adventure. My signature color.
Ooohh look look! Here’s another IG picture! We had such an amazing dinner at The Living Room, to both our surprised. I didn’t expect anything out of them because well.. it is Squamish. The land of like dead. Aka nobody lives here. The Living Room is an odd name. It sounds so casual to me. The words don’t fit with the picture. Well it’s worst when it happens to people!! Don’t you ever meet someone who is named something like “Fred” but he does not look like a “Fred” at all. I’m just saying, I’ve met a few of those. The patio is beautiful.

Bc Crab and acovado tower ($13): Do you know how wonderful this was? Served with mango chili and lime salsa. Organic greens. The crab was so delicious!!! I’ve had my fair share of “towers” in my life, but this one takes the cake. The sliced avocado at the base, definitely something.
Diver Scallop Gratin ($24): Panko & parmesean crusted scallop gratin, grilled asparagus and baby arguula salad. OMG this was so good I want to eat this every single day. Like actually, every. single. day. I hope my boyfriend does too. So I won’t feel like a loner. Oh btw, those scallop potatoes are the BEST scallop potatoes I ever had. I really wanted to order just a side dish of that. Let’s be real now, they were so buttery I almost couldn’t taste anything else but butter. It was really good. ADLKDSJKLA argh. I want some.
Lamb and Quinoa Wrap ($14): I had the wrap for myself. I don’t know, I wanted something sort of healthy because I’m in a bikini all day long. I have to be careful not to look like I am preggo.. sniff sniff. This was the CLOSEST thing I saw to healthy. That’s not a boring salad. The wrap was actually really wonderful. I didn’t think it would be, but the lamb was soo soft and tender. Mhmhm I can almost taste it again. My boyfriend had half my wrap, that meant it was pretty good. Or he’s a human garbage disposal. I think it’s both.

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