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Concession By Cactus Club Cafe: Because a beach restaurant wasn’t enough for them.

Concession By Cactus Club Cafe: (A) English Bay (N) 604-681-2582
I took my lil 12 years old sister biking stanley park this summer. I wanted to take the other 7+8 years old as well but I wasn’t prepared to teach them how to bike, nah uh. My favourite summer activity is no doubt biking the seawall. Oh vancouver you’re sucha beauty when you’re not being a rainy little bizznitch. I love you for that.
After starring at the menu intensivelyWe walked away with this. It was whack.
Somehow, ended up with this along the way. Probably because that fruit thing was whack.
I find it freakish how my sister wants vanilla ice cream out of all the amazing flavours at Marble Slab. I believe this location offers the most flavours I’ve seen! And I am quite the frequent visitor at Marble Slab. Just look at my history posts. But again, it be weird if they didn’t make vanilla..
Oh I forgot a picture with my boyfriend’s ice cream too. So here it is.

Marble Slab Creamery on Urbanspoon
Concession By Cactus Club Cafe on Urbanspoon

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