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Luxe: My go-to dimsum restaurant!

Luxe: (A) 19653 Willowbrook Dr (N) 604-530-8286
I love dimsum restaurants that still does it the old school way!!! I JUST LOVE IT. It’s so much more exciting watching the servers reveal what’s underneath and then in the most annoying chinese accents blab out the items and then you get to say YES PLEASE or No thank you. I feel so mature. But it does make the food so much more appetizing. I think eating should be fun. Though.. we did have to order a few items out of the kitchen.
Menu is pretty standard.
Started off with the pea tip and shrimp dumplings ($4.75) and steamed prawns dumplings ($4.75)
Mmhmmm, say it with me… mmmmhm
Of course we NEED, beef short ribbed in black peppered sauce ($3.95) and shui mai ($3.95)
We also, very much needed to add “chicken claws” on the table. Aka chicken feet. Also my favourite dimsum. The looks does not disturb me, I’d still eat it if it resembled my toes.
Last one, ham sui kok aka deep fried crescent dumplings. Also a fave here.
Okay I lied, deep fried taro! So good and crunchy!!
Ok, swear last item. Deep fried something… shrimp I suppose?! I forgot, my boyfriend ordered it. I just ate it. Ps, it’s the yellow thing in the back. OH! And the beef tripe in the front ($4.75), almost missed that one.

I didn’t mention it yet have I? You might think this was between 3 people, or even 4. But it’s just me and the boyfriend. Yeeeepp.. $50 worth of dimsum for 2 people. I had a heart attack after this meal. It’s fine though. I didn’t do anything else for the rest of that day except decomposed in my bed. Lovely Sunday indeed.

Overall, I love Luxe dimsum! It’s one of the cheapest, best tasting dimsum around here… I mean Surrey. This is a bit of a drive to Langley, but that’s fine. They do have one of the BEST egg custard buns ever!!! I was just too full and wussy to ordered it. My boyfriend doesn’t like sweet asian pastries.

Luxe Chinese Seafood Restaurant 名軒海鮮酒家 on Urbanspoon

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  2. Candice

    I loved this review! I’ve been looking for a dim sum restaurant close by and was really skeptical. Thanks for posting so many pictures, they look like what I’m used to, I hope they taste just the way I remember! I’m in! See you there!

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