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The WaterShed Grill: A beautiful patio view for lunch

The WaterShed Grill: (A) 41101 Government Road (N) 604-898-6665
The patio viewWhich is great because you can walk right out to the lake. Seeing I’m sitting in those chairs.
This little restaurant called the “Watershed Grill” is literally located in the middle of nowhere. To be exact, it’s a HOUSE, with a backyard that they turned into a patio. The “backyard” happens to be this lake, there’s even a trail! If we weren’t tight on time, I so would’ve taken a walk there. We saw a lot of locals! It’s nice during the summer. We went here for lunch before our hike at the chief.

The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done!! Love it so much I didn’t want to leave!!

  • Cali Chicken Burger ($13.25): Served with brie, guacamole, red onions, tomato, pickle and garlic mayo. What I love about this burger is the simplicity. The brie cheese really added the extra “oomph” to the burger. A delicious burger in my opinion for a nice hot summer day, BEFORE death aka hiking. The chicken was juicy, buns are perfectly toasted. My salad was also really great. I cleaned the entire dish, now only if I can clean the entire house..
  • Fish Tacos ($15.35): The fish tacos were pretty meh. No flavours to it. Tiny pieces of fish, did I mention it was flavourless? Served with monterey jack, cheddar, slaw, sour cream and salsa. Choice of soup included. Fish tacos were probably the blandest fish tacos I ever had. The soup was pretty Tim Horton’s standard.

  • Oh they do have free wifi!
  • I personally wouldn’t come here again, it’s a great view and all, but nothing that stood out for me.
  • The front of the restaurant looks like a beat up house, but the backyard is really nice.
  • They don’t have a website but they’re on facebook. Once in a while there is a few specials.

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    1. Catherine

      This place used to be pretty funky/nice/fun but the staff lately just sucks. Snarky, bad mannered , rude, massive amounts of NO fun. Mike the bartender is a total dick. What happened, Reid?(owner) Avoid this place at all costs. It’s living on it’s 5 year ago charm but it’s tired and tawdry now, The food can’t rescue the bitchy, entitled, “I’m so special and busy and you’re not” staff. Once was kewl, now NOT.

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