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Local Public Eatery: Best caesar in town! Great food is just the cherry on top.

Starting the Monday of right, boyfriend and I headed all the way to Kits for some summertime favourites. The local is definitely a locals spot. Located directly across from Kits beach, it’s summer time fine. I am also on the hunt for the best caesar in town. So far, this is #1 on my list.

  • El Caesar ($8.50) – We both started off with a caesar served in a boot. A BOOT. You had me at shoes and alcohol. Smirnoff vodka, motts clamato juice very special mexican hot sauce, other spices and topped with a pepperoni stick snack. AMAAAZZZING. I think this would be the best drink I’ve ever had. I want to have another one tomorrow morning for breakfast.
    Tuna Poke ($13): Avocado, ginger, jalapeno, and soy with tortilla chips. Oh man this was so good! I don’t know many restaurant that serves this dish. It is a Hawaiian speciality. Is this pub related to Hawaii by any chances? I did spot a few odd clocks. Though, salmon poke still beats tuna in my book.
    Crispy chicken sandwich ($14): My boyfriend decided on this burger. At first glance I thought it was a dumb move. I don’t know about you but portuguese bun colesaw and bbq mustard sauce on a burger doesn’t sound all that. I mean, it’s alright. But not the usual thing I’d go for. But they were amazing!!! It was so crispy, not your regular fried chicken. Just look at that monster. The right seasoning. Choice of yam fries or fries, the yam fries are a hit. The accompanied sauce is also great.
    Baja Fish Tacos ($4.50 each): We ordered a side of the fish tacos, beer battered fish, shredded cabbage and pico de gallo. Can I spell out amazing for this? The beer battered fish.. oh god, just the perfect addition.
    Press Burger ($6 W/ added fries ($3): I went with the press burger, I saw someone ordered it and the BUNS had me. Buns usually always gets the best of me. These buns were so soft, I don’t know what it was but somehow they made it so delicious. Just look at that stack of grilled onions. Look deeply into them like I did. And say you, I love you. Like I did. They have skinny fries here, I dig those french fries!

  • Great pub food. Restaurant is huge! Lots of booth seatings inside, a great patio looking out at Kits beach.
  • Serves daily brunch on weekends from 10-3 must try must try!
  • Late night cheap eats, sunday-thurs 10-close and fri + sat 11-close. Menu is under $5. Not a huge selection but it’s great with hammer time. I don’t know what hammer time means, I just made that up.
  • Sunday special for caesars are $6 bucks with double shots. Why didn’t I go on SUNDAY?
  • They have a take out window!

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