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Siegel’s Bagels & Oyama Sausage Co & Dussa’s Ham and Cheese: Combined all 3.

ONE OF THE BEST BAGELS I EVER HAD ARE FROM HERE!!!!! I am not just saying it. You can’t see it right now but I am using hand signals with the most enthusiasm you will ever get out of me. I love these bagels so much! Siegel’s Bagels begin with the highest quality ingredients, are kettle boiled and then baked in a custom 25-tonne wood burning oven. Right in front of yo face. I’m serious. They have one inside the market.
I brought home the garlic, sundried tomato and rosemary rocksalt. I cannot wait to go try the other flavours. The garlic was MY FAVOURITE!! There will be a lot capitalization here. I’m not shouting at you. I am just really really happy. Just letting you know in advance.
ONE OF THE BEST PATE I EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! I haven’t tried their sausage but don’t worry, that’s already on my list of things to do before I die. The pate are amaaazing.
I bought home the cognac and peppercorn. They have stuff like duck pate, black truffles, rabbit, wild boar! Now that is my kind of list. I need more of that good stuff in my life. They can be pricey but it’s worth every dime!
From Dussa.. I know. It’s just goat cheese.
I also bought capicola, prosciutto, some chicken breast.

ANYWAYS, so that’s my go to shopping list whenever I’m at Granville Island. You know how girls get when they shop at Nordstorm. Put me into Granville Island and I swear I’ll do just that. I love shopping for clothes and all, but as much as I love shopping for food goodies!? Doesn’t stand a chance. Actually I kind of hate shopping for clothes on second thought. Visiting exotic groceries and markets are THE BEST!

Here is why.
I combined all 3 ingredients

This is exactly how everyone should live for the rest of their lives.
I tried mixing and matching up different combinations.
Omg this is soooooo perfect. Why did I wait so long to make this?!?!

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Dussa's Ham and Cheese on Urbanspoon

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