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Aberdeen: Three times in one month. Not a big deal.

As you probably already know, and if not, as seen here and here, I started my lunch off with these chicken. I love these chicken! I wonder why they look different all 3 times? I can reassure you though, it does taste great no matter how they present it. Though, I do like this presentation more. Reminds me of a Rooster.
Then of course, I had these life savers. Deep fried goodness.
So I decided to try something a little bit different.. well not THAT different because everything in this food court is asian. Not complaining, I really love it. Anyone actually know why Vera’s Burger is here? They’re in the wrong spot my friend. I wonder what all the asian women are saying behind their backs. I love Vera’s but being inside Aberdeen, they’re an outcast for sure. Anyhow, off topic again. My boyfriend keeps telling me about Leung Kee roasted meat whenever were here but I haven’t been convinced yet. Or I was. But I always end up in a food coma consuming everything else on my usual list. Anyway, I decided it was time to open new doors, I can always invite more room into this stomach of mine. Not that it needs to get bigger or anything seriously what’s wrong with me.
Protein goodness! This plate was $9 with the mix of bbq pork and chicken. It’s way cheaper if you only purchase 1 meat, I think a plate is something like $6-7. Meat taste as juicy as it looks! For a food court, it’s amazing actually. They give you a generous amount of protein and carbs here.
I am such a sucker for things like this. Waffles mmhmm. I spotted a HUGE line up at Bubble Waffle, so big that I was brainwashed into getting one myself. I wanted to know what the huge fuss is about!
So we lined up for one, good thing we were full because one little waffle took about 25 mins. 25 mins to an impatient person like myself means a million years. Not cool.
I got the waffle with condensed milk and peanut butter. The waffles are good, the different taste between peanut butter and condensed milk is super flavourful. Is it worth the wait? Most likely, no.
If you are anything like me and my boyfriend, watching someone else eat something that you didn’t even want in the first place, but now that you see it, you really want some too.. it’s torturous. I know this is insane, but we saw the table right next to us eating this and somehow my boyfriend persuade me into thinking we need this. Shocking. He’s good. The way he explained these juicy pork buns, I had to say yes. Never had pork buns with some type of soupy liquid in the buns before. I’ve never had them before, so I will say these were great. But my boyfriend whom, can’t stop talking about these buns from some restaurant he had before, said these were ‘ok’. I guess it’s just that, “ok” and a full stomach for me. Argh, how does 6 little buns make me so full.

I forgot. I had 4 other meals. For lunch.
Okay, I see why I was so full.

Shanghai Shanghai 南翔小籠 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon
Leung Kee Cantonese Food 亮記 (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon
Bubble Waffle Cafe (Aberdeen Centre) on Urbanspoon

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