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Dirty Apron: To-go sandwiches for a picnic!

Dirty Apron: (A) 540 Beatty Street (N) 604-879-8588

I’m known to be one of the best planner. Had it all figured out. See, I would get off work, obviously I would have had something to eat in the morning so by the time my,boyfriend picks me up, I wouldn’t be HANGRY. We go to downtown, grab something pinic worthy, some wine, then head to deep cove. Finish kayaking then go hike the trail nearby (I heard it’s EASY and beautiful). That was the original plan. The day actually went like this, didn’t eat breakfast, went to work, by the time my boyfriend picked me up we BOTH were functioning on an empty stomach, got stuck in traffic, rushed to downtown because we had to “reserve” the kayaks. Took an hour to decide what food to get (that’s what happens when you’re hungry right?). Picked up our sandwiches and wine, got waaaaaay too hungry so some food-truck lured us in their woodoo. Arrived at deep cove to find out, we have to canoe because obviously, you can’t kayak while eating. Got too full (aka lazy) to hike. Lovely way to end the month=)

Told you I’m wonderful at planning. Should hire me to plan your wedding.

  • Crab & Shrimp Sandwich ($11.99): Crab & shrimp, aji vinagrette, avocado, peppadew and cilantro. Maybe it was due to being out on water, but I though this sandwich was just quite regular, meh. I’m huge on what type of bread is being used for my sandwich, and quite frankly, I didn’t enjoy these baguettes. I’ve heard a lot about Dirty Apron and this was my first time, so I’ll give their sandwich another chance. I’ll try them on land.
  • Confit Albacore Tuna Sandwich ($11.99) Confit albacore tuna, citrus mayonnaise, smoked paprika, fennel, basil, parmesan and sundried tomatoes. There was one sandwich I did enjoyed A LOT more, can’t remember which one!! This is bugging me so much you have no idea. I’d ask my boyfriend because I’m sure he remembers, but he’s too much into his game right now to even realize I exist. I know, death sentence right? I was thinking that too. This is why you should not wait 3 months to blog about the restaurant you ate at. Totally unacceptable. Like I said, I’m going to come back here, so let’s just pretend like you didn’t just read all this pointless crap for no reason.
  • Chocolate Pistachio Brownie ($3.75): On another note, this post isn’t so pointless, I guess I did reserve the best for last. THIS IS THE WORLD’S MOST AMAZING BROWNIE EVER. I am for serious. Very chocolate-y (just how I like ‘em) with hints of pistachio. It tasted like Christmas in a cookie. I will definitely be ordering a batch of these when I come back for my “at land tasting”. These for sure, will taste just as good on land as it did out at sea.
  • San Pellegrino Aranciata ($1.50): This drink became one of my favourites during the summer time.
  • Yellowtail Riesling: Not so much this wine. Picked up this because I’ve heard great things about Yellowtail and Riesling happened to be my favourite. Well, all in all not really a fan of their wines. I prefer Dr. Loosen Rielsing. Smack me for that. But it’s DEVINE. I save Dr. Loosen (I also like to call him Dr. Love, for after a few glasses I feel greater love for my boyfriend) for more of an “occasion” rather than just drinking it because I can. Because I do drink wine almost everyday, cause I can.

  • The Dirty Apron is actually a cooking school. Amateur, professionals and everybody in between can come learn to cook. They offer classes throughout the month. I might check that out for fun.
  • The Dirty Apron is also a delicatessen, provides your daily full meal take out sandwiches, to organic milk and eggs, beautful cut meats, local veggies and cheese. Even flowers! Impressive.
  • They also cater to large groups and personal delivery to offices!
  • Known for their sisters, the wonderfully Chambar restaurant and Medina.
  • If you really wanted the real deal picnic basket, they do make those as well. Pricing is a bit rough, ranges from $50 per person to a gourmet basket for $70. I swear this places does it all, if you need gift basket, they have em here too. It’s seriously the one stop shop for everything. I hope they sell boyfriends there because after all this gaming he’s doing, I might need a new one.

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