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Ganache Patisserie: They definitely deserve Vancouver’s best dessert title.

Ganache Patisserie: (A) 1262 Homer St (N) 604-899-1098
Yes you read that correctly. I am giving Ganache Patisserie the title for Best Vancouver’s dessert because it truly deserves all the credit. The detail that makes every single cake is amazing. Just by looking at it, you can feel the craftsmanship that goes into each pastry. The quality of each treats are beyond exquisite.

  • Coco Velour Rouge ($5.95): This is a huge statement to make, but this is by far the best cake I have ever had. And probably will ever have. A red velvet cake, dark chocolate ganache, cocnut cream cheese mousseline, vanilla chantilly. Everything in that line is so enchanting. It is quite the feat since red velvet isnโ€™t technically โ€œjust chocolateโ€ that is dyed red. True red velvet connoisseurs know that red velvet treats have just the slightest hint of cocoa. Thatโ€™s what they have mastered, extremely well. I will say it again, best cake ever.
  • Macarons: I forgot how much these were, I’m guessing somewhere near $20 dollars. The macarons looks are of course, superb. The detailing as I have mentioned, it’s amazing. I love every bit of the presentation. The macarons are quite tiny, having said that, it’s pricer than Thierrys and Soirette.

  • They are close pretty early, around 6 on weekdays and 7 on weekends.
  • You may custom order cakes for weddings, birthdays, they all look amazing
  • Fairly small shop, not that many seatings.

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