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Street Meet: Appetizers done the right way.

Street Meet: (A) Mobile (N) 778-838-3665
I told you earlier how we went to The Dirty Apron, grab our sandwiches, but absolutely couldn’t wait + saw this food truck on the street and it lured us in somehow with their voodoo right? Voodoo also means smell. Bad timing to have your window down peeps. Summer is so darn vulnerable.

  • Pork Belly Bites ($7): With italian argo dolce sauce. AAAhhh-MAZING. I am amazified. I also like to make up my own words. I think the English dictionary doesn’t have enough words. Well at least that I can remember. Soft tender pork belly served with homemade chips, life can’t get any better than that. Oh wait. It needs bacon. And wine. And even chocolate. Iโ€™ll stop there. Though, $7 bucks for this is hella pricey.
  • Crispy Risotto Balls ($5): Stuffed with slow braised pork and green olives, truffle aioli. I just love how simple these are. But so much flavours! The crispy outside, with a mushy inner layer. The sauce actually makes this dish. AMAZING. I donโ€™t really have any more exciting words to say. Besides my mouth is busy doing something else — aahh okay fine, it’s busy drooling.

  • I want to try their lamb burger so bad!!!! My boyfriend almost actually couldn’t resist it, but I knew better than to stuff myself before I head out to sea. The last time I ate so much and was near water, the food all came out the same way it came in. I shouldn’t re-create that scene again huh?
  • The second food truck to teamed up with Oceanwise program. I find that pretty cool! They’re pretty environmentally friendly, Vancouver loves green people.

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