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Latin Fiesta: The best Mexican food I’ve had in a looong time.

Latin Fiesta: (A) 400B Hwy 33 (N) 778-753-5858
One of the best part about visiting Kelowna was the fact that it had people. Yes, I kid you not. It was really hard for the boyfriend and I to distinguish there was people.. you know.. people means there is Cactus Club, Earls, Tim Horton’s, all the fast food chains, Superstore, Walmart, Best Buy. I was so amazed! We were in the town and I just screamed at every store/restaurant/retailers I know back from Vancouver. It was weird. We usually visit towns in BC that are home to like 1000-5000 people. Everyone in town knows each other names. Which only meant they don’t have Walmart. Because Walmart is so large employees don’t ever know each other. I figured right?! So we were in town and Urbanspoon led me here.. I walked in with so-so expectations. It was extremely busy during that day, the workers knows very LITTLE English, which gives me a headache but makes me smile at the same time because I know I’m going to be eating the goood stuff!

Jarritos ($2): The kind of drink you would want to sip on during summer.
Tostadas ($7): Two cripsy tortillas topped with beans, ground beef, sour cream, sauce, curtido and avocado. You may also sub it for pork al pastor or chicken. This was so fabulous, it makes me want to marry a Mexican.
Pozole Rojo ($6.50): Pulled pork and corn stew, garnished with chopped onions, cabbage, radishes and served with crisp tortillas. At the time I was just really craving for pulled pork. I just love pulled pork. And for those of you that really hate pork, or pork is your biggest phobia, or you think I’m going to get a worm in my stomach, please don’t let me know because I am a serious hypochondriac. My boyfriend does not want to listen to me complain about one more disorder that I’m sure I have. (“Look at what google said.. omg I’m going to die, holy shit I have all the symptoms! Can you pleeeeeease take me to the doctors” “Okay babe” … “So what did the doctors say” “Nothing. He said I’m fine”). Well, just because he’s a doctor it doesn’t mean he knows everything ok? That conversation happens a bit more than it’s suppose to… Thanks to Google. Oh by the way, I wasn’t expecting this to be a soup. I know I’m an idiot who needs to read it clearly states “stew”… 30 degrees weather and “stew” does not go together. Good thing this soup was so good I almost forgot I was sweating.
Tacos al Pastor ($2): Don’t you ever wonder what’s the best thing you can spend with $2?!?! Well. Here it is. I present to you one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. Choice of corn or flour tortillas with slow roasted marinated pork with pineapple, onion, cilatnro, salsa and lime. It’s not even because this is equivalent to what I spend daily on stupid apps for my phone, it’s just SOOO DELICIOUS!! So if you have a toonie leftover in your pocket, fly down here and order yourself one. It’s the best $2 you’ll ever spend on your life. I almost guarantee that. But no money back here okay?!? I ain’t rich.
Mexican Tamales ($3): I had the pork tamales with red salsa. Okay, I did not love this dish. I didn’t even like this dish. But that is me.. my own perference. I don’t even know what this thing is, or what it’s suppose to taste like, therefore, I’ve sum this up as I don’t fancy this dish just because I don’t like soggy corn flour.
Popusas($2.50): Braised pork, cheese, refried beans stuffed in corn tortillas and grilled. Served with lettuce and tomato sauce. I don’t recall much about this dish, don’t remember if I liked it or not, probably not.

  • Very inexpensive as you can see from the menu. I think for the both of us it was somewhere under $25.
  • A really popular Kelowna restaurant. There was a huge line up, not many tables available, but during the summer there’s a small patio. Though not really a restaurant, order at the front, pick up order from the front.. find a seat. Server does come around to clean up.
  • Employees speaks very little English. I love that though!

    Latin Fiesta on Urbanspoon

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    1. Veronica A.

      My mother owns this restaurant, and I worked here with my brother when I was living in Kelowna. I’m really glad you enjoyed most of you experience when you tried it out :)

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