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Personal: Myra Canyon pictures + Mad Mango cafe

Mad Mango Cafe: (A) 551 Bernard Avec (N) 250-762-8988

On the way back from Sparkling Hill, I urged physically forced my boyfriend into biking the Myra Canyon with me. It was SUPER AWESOME!!!! All together it’s about 24 km, took us 3 hours round trip, of course taking our dear time. I had to take in the awesome view!! It was AMAZING!! I love it!! I might even have to say that biking this trail was the best part about the entire trip minus my wine binge.

For of those who don’t know about Myra Canyon, here’s a little history. The history dates back as far as 1885. Myra Canyon trail which follows a section of the historical Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) over 18 trestles and through two tunnels. This well maintained, relatively level trail offers spectacular views of the Canyon and the distant Okanagan lake. In 2003, there was a HUGE forest fire, that caused destruction to the Myra Canyon. The fire destroyed over 200 homes, and blackened over 20,000 hectares of forest and parkland. In all, 12 wooden trestles were totally destroyed, and the decks of the two steel trestles were burned, plus damage to the trail itself and the amenities that had been built up over the last 10 years.

It was amazing. The best part of it all was being so close to the edge.
The cool tunnels!
Myra Canyon is a deep, steep and wide canyon, carrying two main creeks . It is at 4100 feet elevation – 3000 feet above Kelowna and the highest section on the whole KVR. WE WERE HIGH UP HERE! Just so you have an idea of how high we were, Grouse grind elevation gain is 2800 feet. The ride up the mountain alone was about an hour.
Before the ride looking all pretty. After the ride, not so much.

Oh and.. about the title of this post.
Again, being in an unfamiliar town means a lot of research about what’s the good spots, hidden gems, secret locations, local’s area. Well, Urbanspoon led us here, one of the highest ratings on the site, everyone raved about how wonderful this little cafe shop is.
I had the Laksa ($6.75), that’s what the Urbanspoon world can’t stop talking about.Soup was not exactly “authentic” as people claimed.. just seem like something you throw together quickly in the kitchen. Quality reflects the price in this situation. I could tell they use those frozen baby shrimps and the spices were just so-so. My boyfriend firmly stand by the fact that everyone whom rated the restaurant is probably not asian because there is no way this can pull of as an authentic laksa. And oops, forgot to take a picture of the boyfriend’s sandwich but he got the chicken sandwich, which was just regular toasts with chicken a bunch of veggies. It was super cheap, somewhere under $5. Really simple. Something even kids can pull off.

I wouldn’t come back because nothing really wowed me. Though the prices are certainly EXTREMELY cheap and for what you just paid, it’s a pretty decent meal. It’s looks like a hole-in-a-wall kind of place, grimy, wouldn’t consider it a sit down eat type of restaurant. Just something quick & cheap.
Mad Mango Cafe on Urbanspoon

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