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Peakfine: At Sparkling Hill Resort

Peakfine: (A) Sparkling Hill Resort (N) 250-275-1556T

The menu here changes daily so it’s pointless to review any of it. We came here for my birthday dinner during our stay at Sparkling Hill. The restaurant was just as beautiful as the resort, with piano artist playing in the dining area.

My boyfriend had the elk dish, this was beautifully presented. The dish was amazing, with a juicy buttery elk on scallop potatoes. I might even have to admit, this is better than some dishes at Araxi and Blue Water.
I love duck breast when cooked right. They are so tricky to perfect. This rosy pink duck breast is just delicious. It wasn’t dry, just the perfect medium rare juiciness, with the accompany sauce is amazing.
I forgot what wine we had for the night.. but it was too strong for my liking. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking red wine. But it’s such a sin to drink white wine with elk and duck breast.

The menu list is very limited, thus enhancing the fresh resources available. Like I’ve mentioned, they change the menu daily depending on what fresh ingredients are on hand. The service at the restaurant is pretty bland for a resort like this. I was expecting something more especially when she knew it was my birthday, but the server hardly came to ask us how we’re doing, nor offered us dessert. She literally took our order, came out with the dishes and left until the bill was ready to be paid. I can’t recall the exact pricing but the dinner cost around $150 with gratuity which is certainly not bad for a restaurant in this manner. The food was good, but service wasn’t up to par.

The breakfast buffet that is included in everyone’s reservation. A wonderful breakfast in my opinion!
The cute oatmeal toppings! I just love it!!!
Juices avaiable, freshly squeezed!
The cheese display wowed me.

As you can see, pretty limited items for a buffet but no complaints here. It was really good, especially when it’s “complimentary”. If you’re staying here for the night, I recommend waking up early for this. Thankfully the restaurant is huge so it can accompany the many people here. Food comes out fresh all the time. Servers also comes around with tea and coffee for you to enjoy.

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  1. Rose

    The chop in this picture was not rested properly, as a result it is bleeding all over your plate. Also, I would expect much more for a vegetable then a brocolli floret.

  2. That wasn’t blood, it’s part of the sauce. And there was scalloped potatoes underneath, which was really really good.

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