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Anatolia’s Gate: My first Turkish food experience!

Anatolia’s Gate: (A) 7084 Kingsway (N) 604-525-2519
I passed by this restaurant about a trillion times not knowing it was so popular! I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for Urbanspoon. Saw the ridiculous amount of reviews on the site. This is my first Turkish food experience and although I am always “RIGHT”, I lack knowledge in this area, so.. I can’t be all miss-know-it-all in this situation. So so so unfortunate, I know. From what I encounter in this first time experience, I LOVE TURKISH FOOD. BRING ME TO TURKEY! Or better yet, BRING TURKEY TO ME because I am super lazy at the moment.

  • Lavish Bread: At first, I thought this was another type of bread I had ordered but it wasn’t. I am assuming this is complimentary at first, but if you’d like a second one (trust me you will, I did), it’s $2 each. The flat bread comes hot right out of the oven. Dipped with their amazing yogurt sauce, which by the way comes out in this huge dipping plate. Ahhh, just the key to my heart, which opened the key to my stomach.
  • Ali Baba ($8.95): Mushrooms and Mozzarella Cheese baked in the oven and served with freshly baked Lavash bread. Ahhh so I see, the lavish bread wasn’t complimentary. It came with this dish. Okay, now I know. Well the ali baba wasn’t anything astonishing in particular. Just some mushrooms on baked cheese. The dish in my opinion, should not cost almost $10. Too simple. Still good, but ordinary.
  • Beyti Sarma ($13.95): Anatolia’s Special ground beef and lamb kofte sqewer grilled wrapped in fresh lavash bread sliced sprinkled with tomato and yogurt sauce served with salad and rice. I thought this dish was VERY unique, never had anything like it before. The plate was huge, can easily be shared. The meat was a bit dry, hence kind of disappointing for a dish wowed me as soon as it came out. The sauces are great, but the next time I come I probably would get something else.
  • Meat Lovers Pide ($10.95): Anatolia’s Ground Meat, Turkish Pastrami, Tomatoes, Cheese & Egg. Again, I thought the meat on here was pretty dry. The cheese and egg went together quite well. For a FACT, I know the lavish bread is 100x better than this bread. Just because.

  • Overall, good experience with this restaurant. Though it’s not much of a sit down and eat kind of place. There’s plenty of room to sit down unlike your other regular “donair shop” but I still wouldn’t even consider this a casual dining area. Service was good and fast. The guy gave me a seat near an outlet, so my I-can’t-live-without-my-phone-butt can charge it while I eat. So nice of him! He also did a good job explaining the many different items on the menu. I’ll probably come back here after visiting a few other Turkish cuisines, just for comparison.
  • The price is not exactly “inexpensive” for a restaurant in this fashion, some items are steep for the quality like the meat pie. There wasn’t THAT much meat on it.
  • The Lavish bread is just WOW! Love love love it!

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