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Bubble 88: Third time is the charm?

Bubble 88: (A) 10209 King George Hwy (N) (778) 395-8899

Deep Fried Tofu ($4.25) – The skin wasn’t as crisp, deeply bronzed or glowing as I would’ve like my tofu to be.

Deep Fried Squid Tentacles ($4.50) - I thought I remember their squid tentacles being fried with basil, love the aroma basil gives out. Did they take out the secret ingredient or am just super delusional?

Condensed milk toast ($3.95) – Next time, I’ll just let my poor dog make me one, I’m confident he’s more talented in making a condensed toast… (major sarcasm insert right here!!!!)

  • Tried a few new items here one day. Didn’t enjoy it as much as their entrees
  • Third time is not always a charm

    Bubble 88 八十八 on Urbanspoon

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