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House of Tofu Soup: The best hot tofu soup ever!!

House of Tofu Soup: (A) 4563 North Rd (N) 604-420-5254
Came here with the boyfriend and one of his friend that is RAVING if there is a word that is more drastic than “raved” insert here because I am dying of hunger and this is as elaborate as I can get being hungry. I’m just waiting….and waiting… until I have to take the boyfriend’s grandparents to the airport. You know what the best part about bringing someone to the airport when travelling oversea is right? Duh. Of course you do. Who is actually going to wait at the airport for 4 hours. Check in at 10. Flight at 2. Pftt, that just means you have to kill time by EATING. Awesome. I’m so hungry.

Anyway, I think I should get back to this post? So we came here with one person whom was hyping up this place, and this person is not a regular person. He knows how to eat. That makes me veeeery excited. Upon arriving, it was soooo busy. Thank goodness, we got seated within minutes, service was blaaah. You can tell right away they favour The koreans over other ethnicity. It’s just how it is.

  • Goon Mae Doo ($4.99): Fried dumplings were pretty crispy, with a good sauce to drenched in. A pretty good deal here too. I think there was like 6-7 huge dumplings. All the other sides were complimentary.
  • Tofu Soup ($9.99): Us 3 all got the pork tofu soup. I think next time, I’ll try something different, but I’ve been told the pork one is the best here. The tofu soup is SOOOO AWESOME!!! For the regular raincouver days, this just hits the spot!! The soup comes out BUBBLING, hot which is my favourite part!! Just watching it burst with bubbles on that same hot iron cast bowl it was cooked in. You get to choose your spiciness level. Make sure to pop the egg in while it’s bubbling. It may look like a small portion, but it comes with another cast iron rice pot, which definitely does the job of filling you up. The best part is when you’re almost close to finishing the rice, the server comes up and pour some hot water into the pot, then you can dig through the burnt rice. It’s freaking genius.

  • I been told everything else besides the tofu soup is pretty mediocre.
  • Prices are decent. Best part is everyone gets their own little iron cast pot.
  • Restaurant is fairly busy and they do close early. Came here again another time at 9 and they were closed.

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    2. chlo

      They don’t favor the Koreans here – trust me coming from a Korean person. The service just sucks in general. Well one of the ladies is better than the other. Two servers just doesn’t cut it when the restaurant is half full…might make you feel better in that knowledge

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