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Fleuri: Chocolate buffet

Fleuri: (A) 845 Burrard St (N) 642-2900

For the love of chocolate . . . The Sutton Place Hotel brings a sweet touch to its tradition of elegance with the unique Chocoholic Bar, the city’s only endless chocolate buffet. Famous with local Vancouverites, the Chocoholic Buffet provides delectable offerings including an array of home made luscious cakes, pastries and pies, exquisite sorbets and ice creams, topped only by the Bar’s own renowned Brittany crepes, a house specialty made right before your eyes. Join us for an evening of sinful delights.

Voted the #1 in the world by national geographic. It’s defintely something to experience once in a life time. It’s not often you get to go to an all you can eat chocolate buffet. But once, is enough for me. I don’t think I would go again unless someone I really love, really loves chocolate, wants to go. For $28 per person, it’s a steep price to pay for JUST chocolates. But if you’re reflecting the quality of the chocolate, of course, you are getting your money’s worth. One piece of cake would already cost you around $7-9 depending on the restaurants. So if you can eat 3-4 cakes like me, you’re getting your moneys worth. Either than that, I wouldn’t recommend this buffet. I thought there would be a bigger selection, but it’s just one table. And a crepe bar. The crepe was buttery and delicious. High grade of chocolates are used all around here.

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