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Rogue Kitchen & WetBar: Perfect casual yet elegant restaurant.

Rogue: (A) 601 West Cordova Street (N) 604-678-8000
Do you want to go somewhere to have a few drinks, after work, on your day off, during an ugly rainy night, on nice sunny day? Well Rogue is the perfect spot. To cut it short, Rogue makes it so easy to come here for any occasion. It’s beautiful interior, with high cieling, fancy dim lights, makes it for good for celebrations. The casual-ness of the restaurant makes it a relaxing atmosphere to stop by for some good food, and have a drink or if you’re like me, 3 drinks…. and that’s just getting started. I love Rogue, it’s huge inside! I swear, it’s like a palace of something.

  • Corona: We asked what they had on tap, and she said oh over like 30 something. What? Come again? Okay, I’ll stick to my corona. A lot of them are from the area, BC, Whistler, Victoria.
  • The 9 oz Rogue Burger ($14.49): Ultra juicy, two napkin, house ground sirloin burger cooked to 160 F, sesame brioche bun, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet relish, mayo. I just love this burger!! It is everything described in delicious. The knife that holds the burger together. Umm definitely eye-opener. For $1.50 you can sub for the caesar salad, it’s really good as well.
  • Rogue’s Award Winning Chili ($12.99): I was fooled by the name award-winning chilli. It really got me. I was debating if I wanted this or the lobster mac and cheese. But I don’t know, it stated AWARD WINNING. That’s just like saying ORDER-THIS-OR-YOURE-A-LOSER.. That’s not all. The description is all like “back by popular demand.. ingredients are top-secret.” ummm… I NEED TO KNOW! I’m one of those people, curiosity really does kill me. So I got it. Then regretted it. I should’ve ordered the lobster mac and cheese. Don’t get me wrong. The chilli was really good, just didn’t really satisfy me as much as I knew the creamy cheese lobster mac and cheese would.
  • Fries x3 ($9.99): Hand cut kennebec fries, gorgonzola cream and bacon (THE BEST HERE!!! MY FAVOURITE!), Poutine (it was just alright, nothing majorly delicious here) and the truffle oil and parmesan (So good!)

  • Located inside waterfront skytrain station.
  • New location on Broadway just opened up.
  • If you come to Rogue for lunch with a group of 10 or more, you can always preorder using the order form online. And get a free lunch on them.

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