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Hilltop Cafe Diner: The drive, and the pies.

Hilltop Cafe Diner: (A) 23904 Fraser Hwy (N)604-514-9424

Wow, really, it’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything on here?!?!?!?!?! REALLY?!?! I am SO sorry for my no explanation long out of nowhere disappearance off this planet. I been quite enjoying myself and that’s not much of an excuse but hey you should already know life is about to end. I wish I could hug it out with you guys make it all better but that’s just creepy and I’m not much of a hugger. It’s awkward.

Anyways, long story short, I came back from Whistler which was from the last post and was bombarded with work. I mean, every-single-day. On top of that, my schedule was whack due to the split shifts I was taking on EVERY SINGLE DAY. I even had to go straight to work the day I came back while everyone was going out for dinner or rotting in bed (my bf cough cough) I on the other hand drove to work. Now none of it matters because I am a stay at home daughter-girlfriend until I am back to school as of January (if I live through the end of the world crisis which I am hoping I do because I just made big bucks payment towards my education. argh and argghh some more)

Foods from this post, right. Almost forgot I have a food blog and not a wtf is wrong with you tila blog.


  • Mushroom Mozza ($10.99): Pretty delicious burger!!!! Really juicy, huge 5 oz patty, mushrooms and mozza cheese galore. Onion rings are superb. I’d probably recommend this burger over and over again.
  • Classic Burger ($8.99): A tradition 65 years in the making. This is how burgers are meant to be eaten. Fried onions, crisp lettuce, ripe tomato, mayo and hilltop sauce.
  • Kris BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger ($10.99): Double smoked bacon, cheese, mayo, 5 oz beef patty, and a homemade bbq sauce. Didn’t try this burger.. but it was sitting next to me and it looked freaking delicious.
  • Crispy Chicken ($9.99): I don’t know why I went with the crispy chicken burger, but when mine came out along with the other burgers, my heart sank a little. It didn’t look like the others!!!! Mine was so plain and dull, the burger taste was exactly like my expression. Don’t go for the chicks. Though their skinny fries are the best here.
  • Pie ($4.99): Always fresh and home made. This is it. This is why I drove the long long long long miles all the way here (you’ll know what I mean when you’re driving here). It’s for this pie!!!


  • One day I will try the Everest Burger. And my picture will be up on that board just like everyone else.
  • I originally really wanted to try their breakfast but got there too late. Sigh =(
  • They are closed super early like 2 pm I believe.
  • Friendly and awesome owner!

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