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49th Parallel Roasters Café & Lucky’s Doughnuts: Best donuts ever.

49th Parallel Roasters Café: (A)2902 Main St (N) 604-872-4901


Ohhhhh my baby BABY!!! Can you see how delicious these donuts look?!?!? Just scroll back up and stare, hard. After our crawfish experience, I wanted something a bit different. By that I mean bacon drizzle doughnuts. I am always up for eating something that is clogging my arteries and expanding my waist.


  • Bacon Apple Fritter ($3.50): Apple and bacon, topped with a maple glaze and even more bacon. One of the most luxrious thing I ever ate. Forget cavaier, this topped the list. Apple fritter with bacon bits on top. Heaven.
  • French Cruller ($2.50): French choux paste fried and topped with our signature vanilla glaze. Bf’s favourite.
  • Cappuccino: Warm cup of cappuccino on a rainy night, scored.
  • Coconut Bismarck ($3): Coconut cream filled Bismarck with a vanilla glaze, topped with Swiss meringue and toasted ribbon coconut. I am not fond of coconut sweets, however this doughnut made me ALMOST changed my mind about them coconuts.
  • PB&J ($3): I think I ate about a million peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in my younger years. And when I say younger, I mean much younger – like preschool age? I don’t really recall this. In fact, I may have dreamt it. But I can see myself gobbling up PB & J sandwiches with my stubby sausage fingers like it was nobody’s business. It is the only explanation for why I was sick of it until now. Until I ate this doughnut. Eat these today! They will remind you of those wonderful, awkward childhood years. Hopefully, the ones you want to remember. Not the ones you don’t. Like the time you peed your pants in Kindergarten while wearing tights. Could anything be more emotionally and physically uncomfortable?
  • Chocolate Old Fashioned ($2.50): Classic chocolate old fashioned base topped with chocolate ganache, and chocolate flakes. Yummmmy.
  • Sugar & Spice: A cake doughnut dusted in sugar, cinnamon and cardamom.


  • A beautiful coffee shop on Main, the wooded interior and lighting makes it a gorgeous place for any coffee or doughnut or both and more — occasion.
  • Doughnuts and coffee here are nothing like Tim Horton’s, it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely one of the best.
  • They make all doughnuts from scratch, including jams, glazes and fillings.

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