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Flying Beaver Bar & Grill: The best pub foods with a view!

Flying Beaver Bar & Grill: (A) 4760 Inglis Dr (N) 604-273-0278


I originally wanted to try their brunch, but it was only offered on the weekends and my boyfriend really wanted to take me here to try their food. I love this spot. If you love to watch airplanes take off, this is such the place to do so. Although they’re not “real” airplanes, which in Richmond I’m sure you can spot it just about anywhere. There’s just something watching airplanes take off that I love!


  • Fried Halibut Burger ($14.95): You can’t find this on the menu because it was the special of the day. Okay coming from two people who don’t even care much for seafood burgers, THIS ONE WAS INSANE. I don’t know what oil they have used or what batter, but this is one of the best fried crispy seafood burger ever. I am going to beat myself up if this doesn’t show up ever again. Fries are so good here! Add $1.50 for half fries/salad.
  • Beef Dip ($11.50): Fresh ciabatta baguette with shaved sirloin, monterey jack cheese, shoe string onions and homemade au jus. AHhhhhh just the perfect beef dip here. I’ve been craving for just this. The sandwich was filled with just meat, I almost for a second forgot vegetables existed in this world.


  • A pub located right on a dock conjoined with the terminal for harbour planes.
  • They are so busy!!! We came by for lunch not even around 2 pm and the entire restaurant was a full house.
  • Good food, a bit pricey, but that’s what you get when you combined delicious eats and a nice view.
  • Pub offers complimentary shuttle bus, call them for more information.
  • Same company as Yaletown brewing, Brewhouse in Whistler and Big Ridge. All pretty popular pubs.

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