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Hapa Izakaya: Good food, good drinks, good company equals a super good time!

Hapa Izakaya: (A) 1479 Robson St (N) 604-689-4272


Sorry in advance for my boyfriend’s crappy Iphone 4s quality pictures. As much as I use to LOVE Iphone’s camera, I don’t anymore after making the switch to Samsung s3. I can’t stand the flash on the Iphones!!! If you’re using S3, good for you. Anyway, I came here for a birthday dinner last month (hurray almost catching up on the posts) and tried Hapa for the first time! Look at that star I found in my beer!!

As you can see, the night is awesome when you start chasing shots with the juice containers.


  • Spicy Dynamite Roll ($8.99): Tempura prawn w/ spicy mayo. The roll was okay, nothing spectacular.
  • Crab Tempura Roll ($8.99): Love this roll way more!!! Delicious and unique.
  • Negitoro ($8.99): Chopped Albacore tuna belly, spring onions, toasted garlic bread. I don’t remember much about this dish, I blame it on the alcohol.
  • Bintoro ($9.99): Lightly seared Albacore tuna sashimi, ponzu sauce. The dish was okay, again nothing that stood out much for my drunk ass. Drunk = blurry pictures, oooopsies haha.
  • Beef Short Rib ($12.99): Grilled AAA beef short rib, apple soy marinade. Really liked these short ribs here! I thought they were wonderfully flavoured, better than at other izakya places I’ve tried including yucky Ebisu.
  • Sushi Tartare ($8.99): Chopped sashimi, shiso, ginger-soy mayo. Weird.. Never heard of tartare with rice before.
  • Yaki Udon ($9.99): Thick udon noodles, stir fried chicken with vegetables. These udons are pretty regular for me, though it cost $3-4 bucks more than at your “regular” sushi restaurants.
  • Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap ($9.49): Crispy pork belly, apple yuzu jam, pickled red onions and butter lettuce. I really wanted to try this dish and it was no disappointed. The crispy pork belly!! Yummmm.
  • Ebi Mayo ($8.99): Tempura prawn, spicy mayo sauce. Predictable ebi mayo, made like any other.
  • Spicy Pork Ishi-Yaki ($9.99): Rice, minced pork, garlic sprouts, egg, tomato, lettuce, spicy miso, served in a hot stone bowl. I can’t remember if I really liked this dish or really dislike it. I just remember it’s one of those because I am POSITIVE there was no in-between for me.. hey man, you try remembering such a thing after 6-7 shots and 3-4 beers and a heck lot of sake. I’ll probably say it’s good because everything served in a hot stone is good to me.
  • Aburi Saba ($8.99): Seared marinated mackerel sashimi, omggggg. This mackerel was SO GOOD!!! I use to die for the one at Guu but this little shit just kicked that one out of the window. IT’S THAT GOOD. MUST MUST MUST order this, a favourite of mine.
  • Halibut Taco ($7.99): BC halibut tempura, house made bacon bits, shoestring potatoes, roasted jalapeno tartar sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla. A unconventional method to Japanese tacos.. I would’ve liked it better with the crispy hard taco shells instead.


  • Hapa was proud to become the first izakaya to join the Vancouver’s Ocean Wise program.
  • Hapa is currently running at 4 different Vancouver locations at the moment and 1 in Toronto.
  • Pretty simple but throughly cared for menu, they also offer a fresh sheet.
  • Happy hours 50% off some appies from 5-6 depending on location.
  • Robson location is HUGE!!! The party rooms are really comfortable and accommodating.
  • Love the service here!! One of the best for Izakaya.

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