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Sushi & Roll: Mommy’s birthday dinner!

Sushi & Roll: (A) 103-10241 King George Blvd (N) 604-498-4568


That’s my beautiful mother and sister. Came here again in one week, that’s huge for me. I rarely do that!! But for my mom’s birthday my sister wanted sushi (even though my mom hates sushi, she still agreed to go here, awww!). My mom just turned 39! Can you believe it? I love you so much mommy!! <3


  • Spicy Salmon Sushi ($5.95): This is a huge portion for half order. Between all of us, we couldn’t even finish it! I love the sauce here, quality is just as good as Sushi Cali and such.
  • Salmon Sashimi ($5.95): Half order of the salmon sashimi, the pieces are fat and huge!! Slices were fresh.
  • Spicy Agedashi Tofu ($3.95): The tofu was the only thing my mom loves, since she’s not a fan of raw meats. I like how the spicy sauce was on the side, since I was with my little sisters, some of them can’t eat spicy.
  • Chicken Karage ($3.95): A really good price for 6 wings! I didn’t quite enjoyed the wings as much, thought they were too dry.
  • Party A ($19): California roll, B.C roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dynamite Roll, Salmon Roll and Alaska Roll. Altogether there was 42 pieces of sushi. Extremely good deal for this one!! They have some awesome combos selection here.
  • Gyoza ($3.75): Gyoza are okay, nothing special here.
  • Beef Teriyaki ($7.95): Comes with a bowl of rice. Some of the beef was overcooked, sauce was good. A pretty straight forward beef teriyaki, nothing too special here.
  • Chicken Yaki Udon ($7.95) Had to order this again, love it!


  • Ordered a lot more basic items this time around since my sisters aren’t quite the sushi eater yet. Still training them. Except my 7 years old sister, whom eats sashimi like it’s the end of the world.
  • A really good deal on combos and party orders.
  • My previous here.

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