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Sushi & Roll: The Surrey “sushi garden” and “sush cali”, might be.

Sushi & Roll: (A) 103-10241 King George Blvd (N) 604-498-4568


This sushi restaurant opened up around September, so it’s fairly really brand new. The interior is huge which can accommodate larger parties, they told me they’re in the process of acquiring their alcohol licensee so I’m sure it would be a spot for late night weekends sushi and sake. They are open pretty late night too, which is good.


  • Miso Soup ($1.25): Soup is pretty good here, has actual chunks of fried tofu which is super!
  • Red Roll ($4.95): Chopped scallop, cucumber and spicy tuna on the outside. Pretty good roll, but I find sushi california does this version better and it’s slightly cheaper.
  • Alaska Roll ($3.95): This order comes with 8 pieces, not as excellent as sushi garden, but still pretty darn good. I still can’t find alaska roll as good as sushi garden, it’s so FAT and juicy there!!
  • Tuna Tataki ($8): I forgot how much it was, but roughly around $7.95-8 ish, this wasn’t on the menu yet but we asked the server and they did have it. I’ve never seen such a beautiful presentation for tuna tataki! The tuna slices are generous here, the sauce just tops it off.
  • Chicken Yaki Udon ($7.95): A really delicious chicken yaki udon in my opinion! I even think it’s better than the one from sushi california. It’s a reasonable price, with huge portion. You simply can’t go wrong.
  • Salmon Aburi: Not picture here because I can’t find it, but the salmon aburi is REALLY GOOOD HERE! MUST ORDER.


  • Some items are not on the menu, so just ask server for it.
  • Really reasonably price and excellent quality.
  • Friendly service family owned restaurant.
  • Liquor license coming soon.

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