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Crêpe Montagne: The. best. crepe. in. this. universe.

Crêpe Montagne: (A) 116 4368 Main Street, Whistler (N) 604-905-4444


In an effort to make the most out of my trip, and sadly for me that means gobbling up as much good food in the last hour before departure as I can. AKA boyfriend will have to take me to Crepe Montagne or I will die. If I didn’t know any better, it seems like this restaurant is teasing the Christian Grey out of me. The last time I wanted to try it, there was a huge line up. And you know, I don’t do line ups. This time the restaurant was full and take out took at least 15 minutes. I still didn’t walk away. Not this time. It’s a good thing I am not a giver-upper.


  • Strawberries & Nutella ($10.50) Without the whipped cream would be $8. The best crepe I ever had.. it’s so fluffy but not like a pancake, it’s the perfect texture crepe, the fresh strawberries with nutella. This was well worth every minute of waiting. These are dreamy. And creamy. Amazing. I demolished it in the car on the way back. All to myself.


  • I will have to come back to actually sit down and try their crepes, cheese fondue, meat fondue and swiss raclette. All looked amazing!!!! Especially every table paired it with a glass of wine.
  • Really tiny restaurant, I see why it gets super busy now.
  • Pretty pricey crepe and fondue here, but it’s certainly authentic french crepes.

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