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HK BBQ Master: (A) 4651 #3 Rd, Richmond (N) 604-272-6568


What kind of girlfriend would I be if I made my boyfriend drove me all the way from Surrey to Richmond just to meet my cravings?! THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER. Period. I don’t care, there is nothing else to it. I’ve came here on 3 different occasions, I repeat THREE. And this crazy place was closed on all 3 of em. Desperate to try it this time, we made the drive all the way to Richmond for it.


  • 2 kinds meat ($7.50): Boyfriend got the roasted pork and bbq pork. I’ve NEVER had any bbq pork as juicy and flavourful as this one. When you order the bbq pork, the server will ask if you want the fatty part. SAY YES TO FATTY PART. It’s so freaking delicious you’ll probably think this is a dream. The roasted pork is the BEST. The perfect crunchy skin, it’s PERFECT. This is what you call perfection. The pork isn’t salty, the right portion of fat and meat. I just love this!!! I also tried the bbq duck bbq duck which is super duper good. But if I have to go with two, I’d say the bbq pork and roasted pork. The two perfect anything and everything. Just what I need in my soon to be end of the world life. Portion aren’t that big here for the plates. I find if you just buy the meats and eat it with rice at home, it’s a much better deal.


  • Really tiny shop located under Superstore, place looks really grimy but don’t let that stop you. You don’t know life until you have tried their meats..
  • Not a lot of room for sitting down, most people tend to get it to go.
  • Service is fast and standard chinese, there is usually always a wait.

    HK BBQ Master 明家燒臘專家 on Urbanspoon

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