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Kingyo Izakaya: Wow, this place is busy.

Kingyo Izakaya: (A) 871 Denman St, Vancouver (N) 604-608-1677


I didn’t realize Kingyo is closed from during some hours I think between 4-5:30ish. Well, we got there at 5 and they were closed for another 30 minutes, so the bf and I had to walk around to kill time. As soon as it was 5:30 doors opened and we were the first customers to come through, within literally 10-15 minutes almost the entire restaurant was full!! On a Thursday night!! Amazing.


  • Tuna Tataki ($7.80): Ligtly seared albacore tuna sashimi served with garlic chips, ponzu and ponzu jelly. Really liked the edition of ponzu jelly on here. The tuna was seared just right.
  • Tomato Kimchi Tofu Salad ($5.80): Salad was typical, refreshing, fresh vegetables.
  • Stone Grilled Beef Tongue ($8.20): Stone grilled beef tongue served with “A yuzu red pepper paste” and green onions. I think these tapas are more for people who never tried anything on a hot stone before.. or just drinking food. Not something you want to order to actually eat.. enjoy.. and get full. It’s the entertainment of it all.
  • Stone Grilled Kobe Beef ($21): Stone grilled marinated kobe beef with 2 kinds of orginal sauce. Kobe beef was extremely tender, and so much flavours. I love kobe beef, these thin slices made me want to eat a real kobe beef steak more than anything. It was an extreme teaser. The 2 special sauces here in my opinion are sort of bleh.
  • Clam Ramen ($8.90): Ramen noodles in original soy based clam soup with shrimp oil, garlic onion oil & fish powder. The soup base was a bit too fishy for my liking because of the clams. Noodles were perfect, cooked just how it’s suppose to be. I hate overcooked noodles!!
  • Frozen Grapes: Oh the frozen grapes at the end of the dinner!! Always a plus. They were lovely.
  • Tea ($2.50): The tea was wonderful. They bring you your own pot in a traditional Japanese tea pot. I know because I am collecting them! It’s a good price for tea, but usually I thought it’s a staple to give out complimentary for asian restaurants, no? Not that I care paying for good tea, just a thought.


  • Extremely busy Izakaya estasblishment. Almost full house as soon as they opened.
  • I find the tapas here are cheaper than Hapa and Guu, but slightly could use some changes. Nothing really stood out for me or it’s that unique that would make me want to come again.
  • They are sister of Suika, which on the other hand is AMAZING! Hands down, my fave.

    Kingyo Izakaya 金魚居酒屋 on Urbanspoon

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