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Sushi Mori: My new favourite sushi in the area.

Sushi Mori: (A) #160 19653, Langley (N) 604-510-1538


I came here right before the movies to watch Life of Pi (awesome movie by the way). This restaurant bloomed up in the Surrey news. I mean, it didn’t take long for every single person whom lives in Surrey to know about this place. I guess that’s what Instragram and Twitter does, that’s all it’s useful for anyways besides creeping Justin Bieber’s pictures (did I just say that).


  • Killer Tuna Tacos: Crunch taco shell with vegetable seared tuna and jalepeno sauce. Okay yeah they did just steal Joeys’ killer ahi tuna taco name but it’s alright. I’m fine with it because this is freaking 10000x more amazing. The bf and I both agreed (finally something we agree on) that these are definetely better. It gets a bit messy to eat, but that’s alright too. It’s delicious, a must order.
  • Sushi Mori Tower: Fresh salmon, tuna tartar, avocado, shitake mushroom, crab mix and aioli. This tuna tartare is definitely different than any others I’ve tried, and it’s unique. Not the best, sadly. I like the shitake mushrooms, but I find it gets a bit hard to eat after a while because the texture is too mushy. There’s nothing else in here that sparks this dish. I’d want some crunch in here, maybe some sort of chips or crostini?
  • Spicy sunflower roll: Crab meat, avocado, spicy salmon and prawn, tempura crumb on top. The dish came out beautifully presented. The roll was not bad, but it’s definitely nothing that memorable to me.
  • Garlic Sockeye: Rock crab meat & shitake wrapped in fresh sockeye salmon in hot garlic ponzu sauce. I love how all the dishes here are quite different than most Japanese restaurant. It’s all much on a higher ends than cheap Japanese food. The prices aren’t on the website, but I remember this dish alone was around $15-17 dollars. A bit expensive for this if you ask me. It was good, but nothing amazing that I would order it again.


  • Food is pretty pricey for this location, makes sense if it’s in downtown but not here, I’m not sure how many customers would come back daily. Prices are not mentioned here because I can’t find it, but the bill came to around $60 for everything we ate above. Pretty steep pricing for this area.
  • For sure the best interior I’ve seen for a Japanese restaurant
  • Just found out they have a location in Coquitlam as well that’s doing quite popular.
  • Service is pretty good here, I can tell they put a lot of care into details.
  • Love the seating arrangement, again it’s quite unique and different.

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