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Bin 941 Tapas Parlour: The biggest stack of fries.

Bin 941 Tapas Parlour: (A) 941 Davie St, Vancouver (N) 604-683-1246


Came here after the Vancouver’s Christmas market, because you simply cannot get full of those food. Well, you can if you’re wiling to pay $20-30. For that price, I rather sit and enjoy my food elsewhere. Okay, fine and because I am a fatass.


  • Bruschetta ($10): Smoked albacore tuna, lemon mascarpone, fried capers, pickled red onion. One of the best bruschetta I ever had.. well, it’s not your typical bruschetta with tomatoes and basil. I like the twist of tuna and capers on here. Love how different every single dish is and just a few ingredients to make it so memorable.
  • Pommes Frites ($8): Fries with a balsamic reduction. Whoa, never have I ever seen such a beauty in my life. The biggest haystack of fries ever. The boyfriend and I both loved the skinny fries. Good thing he likes skinny fries. There isn’t anything else going on in here that is thin. The balsamic reduction does get a bit harder to eat at the end when all the fries are soaked in it. They need to ease up on the sauce.
  • Duck Breast ($19): Fingerling potato hash, goat cheese, pancetta, truffle oil, haricot vert, and cranberry port jus. Wow. Just one of the most amazing duck dish I ever had. LOVE the hash with goat cheese and pancetta. LOVE THAT COMBINATION. The goat cheese made the potatoes. I am going to have to try mashed potatoes with goat cheese at home. The duck breast was amazing. I wanted to thank the chef for such an amazing dish!


  • Really really good food. I am sure just about everything they plate here is delicious.
  • Restaurant is small and cozy. Ambiance makes it perfect for a cute date with your lover, or drinks with friends.
  • The tapas did take a while.. waited almost half an hour for the last dish. That’s a long time.
  • Tapas are a bit pricer than other places, but I do believe the food reflects this. IT’S AMAZING!
  • What happened to bin 942?

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