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Cattle Cafe: What a wonderful noodle soup we have here.

Cattle Cafe: (A) 4885 Kingsway, Burnaby (N) 604-430-8686


Nothing like a good ol’ noodle soup from Cattle Cafe to calm your feet down after a rough day of Christmas Shopping. Luckily were in Burnaby where some parts of the streets parking are FREE. Can you believe we spent over $50 parking alone in downtown in the last 2 days? That’s crazy. Vancouver you’re a nut job.

  • Noodle Combos Choice ($8.50): So you have your combintion of soup you can pick for the base, I tried the Thai Tom Yum soup. And then you pick your noodles, I tried the japanese ramen which was an extra .50 cents cost. There’s a huge variety of noodles you can pick, about 9 different kinds. And then the fun part is picking the items that goes with the soup. I had the sliced beef briskets and fish puffs. LOVE THE FISH PUFFS. The soup was amazing, really flavourful. Comes in a huge bowl, with a huge spoon to drain all the soup (which I did). I’ll come here over bubbleworld any day. All noodle combos are served with a hot drink, and you may add side dishes for around $1.75-1.95. I added rhe deep fried wings for $1.75.
  • Szechuan Beef Briskets & Enoki Mushrooms Hotpot ($9.50): All hotpot includes side dishes and rice. It surprised me that I found the broth here better than at Boiling Point. They’re are super generous with the portion, A LOT of enoki mushrooms in here and briskets, the entire hotpot was covered in it. Same goes for my soup, they do give you a generous portion for the items you pick. I do prefer the noodles combination over the hotpot though.
  • House Special Ginger Deep Fried Wings: This came with my combo for an extra $1.75. The wings are just ordinary taiwanese style wings here.


  • It bugs me how they opened a new location 5 mins down the street.
  • They are super busy always, but service here is fast. Took about 5 minutes for my soup to come out.
  • Fish soup base is boiled for five hours over naked fire, consisting of NO MSG, NO ADDITIVES, and NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS.

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