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King Do Seafood Resturant: Finally!! A worthy dimsum in Surrey.

King Do Seafood Resturant: (A) 13922 104 Ave, Surrey (N) 604-582-6911


So happy to finally have a place nearby where I can go for dim sum and not have to travel all the way to Langley for Luxe or Coquitlam at Yan’s Garden. Pretty happy with that!! This place just recently opened, my mom first told me about it because she went to go eat here and said it’s not bad for Surrey. Then I told my bf’s aunt about it and she came back to tell me the same thing. About time I go try it now. I love how they serve food the oldschool dimsum way with the carts. As soon as we were seated we had food on our table RIGHT AWAY.


  • Shiu Mai ($3.75): Prices here are really good. The pork dumplings were huge!
  • Steamed Scallop Dumplings ($3.95): Boyfriend wanted these, not a huge fan of scallops, however these were quite delicious. All the sudden I am a fan of scallops.
  • Har Kow ($3.75): Prawn dumplings here are also good!! See I really got nothing bad to say.
  • Steamed Spareribs with black bean sauce ($3.50): Always have to order this! It’s a bit oiler here than others.
  • Deep Fried Meat Dumplings ($3.50): We ordered the new few items off the menu because they didn’t have it in the cart. The football dumplings (just learned that name today) were perfection!! I am normally not a fan of these fried dumplings because it’s pretty chewy so when you bite into it, all you can taste is really just oil. But not these!
  • Pan Fried Eggplant stuffed w/ shrimp paste ($3.95): My boyfriend insisted we need more fried food because usually our table are filled with everything deep fried. I met him halfway, and ordered the “pan fried” eggplant. Oh and of course because my bf’s aunt text me and out of nowhere said “hahaha you are at king do, make sure you order eggplant it’s delicious there”. No idea how she knew we were at dimsum. Oh and yes, the eggplant was delicious. Just look at that shrimp filling. Enough to feed America.
  • Bean Curd Wraps with Minced Shrimp ($3.50): Love the crunchy texture of the bean curds here!! Even the fillings for these were generous. It was all shrimp! The bean curds took a while to come out, so I am assuming it was fresh. Really liked how it wasn’t that oily.


  • Really decent prices for dimsum here, altogether before tips came to $22. THAT’S AMAZING!! I was shocked, never had such inexpensive dimsum before. And we were full!!! I was full that day, until 8 pm at night. No joke.
  • They also serve lunch, dinner, and late congee. Though their late congee ends at 10:30….. it is Surrey.
  • Service here is mediocre. Nothing special, they did gave our orders to the wrong table so we waited quite a while for the fried items. I guess they ended up giving us a 10% discount. Or did everyone get 10% discount?

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    3. Have been to the King Do four times now. Have eaten Dim Sum in five major China towns including Hong Kong. Food at the King Do would rate favourably to most Chinese cuisine I have eaten; especially in
      Toronto and San Francisco. I have had some better tasting Dim Sum in Vancouver and Richmond, but I rate the King Do at 8+.

      • Wow Dan, that’s major! I had no idea they were that good, but yes for a relatively smaller town than Vancouver, I am quite happy they are around.

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