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Cattle Cafe: Whoa, just can’t get enough.

Cattle Cafe: (A) 7348 Kingsway, Burnaby (N) 604-636-1123


Came here again, this is almost end-of-the-world rare for us to eat somewhere we just ate a week ago, or perhaps because we were just too hungry and lazy to pick a place — fine let’s go cattle cafe. Had the laksa this time around and boyfriend loved my tom yum so much last time, we ordered himself one this time (apparently hotpot isn’t serve till after 5 pm). Didn’t like the laksa as much as the tom yum, not enough flavour.

The side dishes we ordered this time was the deep fried buns with condensed milk (average) and takoyaki (too mushy). I think next time I’ll just stick with the soups and no extra side dishes, doesn’t seem to be that good, sometimes you only buy/order something because it’s so cheap. That’s me. OMG 60% OFF?? It’s meant to be.

The server always get our drinks wrong. I ordered a milk tea hot, she came out with coffee. That needs to change.

My other review here.

Cattle Cafe ็‰›ไป”้คๅปณ (Edmonds) on Urbanspoon

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