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Nahm Thai Bistro: Extremely decent thai food in Surrey!!

Nahm Thai Bistro: (A) 13650 102 Ave (N) 604-930-8833


What to do when you’re bored, killing time, and hungry. You go eat. Simply as that, but since we had dinner plans at 6 pm and it was only 4 (we haven’t ate yet, both of us woke up at 1 pm), we managed to pull off some christmas shopping and had to stop by somewhere for a quick bite. Didn’t want to ruin our apetite for the real dinner, we only ordered a few items from here. With really low expectations (everyone we know said it sucked), I guess this place proved itself. Interior is upscale, beautiful restaurant. Food is pretty solid, the 2 items we had were not bad at all.

  • Pad Thai ($11): Stirfried rice noodles with shrimp, egg, tofu, bean sprout, and gren onion served with roasted crush peanuts. Not exactly “authentic” pad thai, but the most decent I had in Surrey.
  • Sweet Chilli Wings ($9): Wow, these wings were actually pretty spicy. We both really liked the sauce, thought the chicken was a bit dry.. either than that, a really good appetizer.


  • I would most definitely come here again to try their other food.
  • Some may find their prices here are a bit expensive, but I guess you’re paying for the ambiance as well when you’re at a new restaurant. Portions are quite small as well.
  • This place have been opened for quite awhile, I’m glad I gave it that 6+ months to try the restaurant, I believe they did tweak the menu around because the wings are a new addition.

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    1. spacemanspiff33

      I’m still searching for Authentic Thai in Vancouver :( I don’t care what any Vancouverite says, it’s not authentic (Bell peppers, mushrooms & sweet basil in Pad Grapao? O.O). I’ve driven by this place a few times as it’s near my house (Oops just admitted I live in whalley T.T) but haven’t yet given it a chance. Methinks I should..

      • mmhmm yes I agree. Me too, I will let you know when I do find one! And oh gee, nothing too horrible with Whalley hahaha :p

    2. We had our first date at this place! It’s really good…I miss Full Moon Laos Thai from that area as well; it was even better and a bit more traditional. Since closed down though :(

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