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Tamarind Hill: What a hidden gem.

Tamarind Hill: (A) 628 6th Ave (N) 604-526-3000


I think me and the Mr. have our phases of going through different cuisines until we really can’t take a second look at it anymore. Take our Korean phase for example, we ate it until the word Korean-anything made us sick. Now it’s on to Thai/Malaysian foods. Sort of similar style as one another, but both have their own unique roots. Sooo the other day, we wanted some Malaysian and remember of the restaurant that we wanted to try in New West (closed when we came the first time), they have weird hours.. But boy!! Arrived around 2ish and the entire restaurant is packed. For an ex-newwestminstee, I know that’s huge.


  • Roti Canai ($6): The menu said 2 peices, if so that’s a huge order for 2 pieces. I just love roti canai!!! Pretty much a s weet bread pan fried till golden crust, served with a spicy curry dip. My favourite appetizer! A must order anywhere. I really like the roti here, perfect golden-ness, the curry sauce is superb!
  • Tofu Goreng ($7.50): Crispy tofu stff with cucumber, bean sprouts, and fresh lettue topped with crushed peanuts served with sweet chilli sauce. Boyfriend was craving this dish for almost a year. Now that’s a long time to go with some sort of cravings (I can’t even last a day, my thighs can verify that), so we had to get it. The tofu isn’t such a remarkable dish to me, just some deep fried tofu with sweet chilli sauce. I expected a bit more, but that’s all.
  • Hainanese Chicken Rice & Soup ($8.25): Nyonya style steamed chicken with light soy, and served with green oninons + ginger dip, with homemade chilli dip. Price for this dish is SUPERB AND WHOA. I can’t believe it! This rice dish is delish, better than most fastfood (obvs not cafe d lite style) but pricing is CHEAPER. Even more inexpensive than the other food court hainanese chicken I love at T&T. This is a steal. The rice is extremely good, flavours of the rice is true to authenticity. Also comes with a side of veggie curry, which was really good!
  • Char Kuey Teow ($7.95): I asked the server if she had anything similar to pad-thai, and she recommended me this Char Kuey Teow.. um fyi server whom was serving me that afternoon, this is nothing like pad-thai but thank you anyways. I really do like this stir fry with flat noodles. Better than what I had the other day. This portion is HUGE for the lunch special. Easily shared between 2 people. Or maybe it’s because we had 2 appies to start off lunch… I know.


  • Resonably price authentic malaysian food. Lunch portion is huge!
  • They close from 3-5 everyday.
  • Second location is in north van.

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